“You’ve worked hard, friend.” Behind the Finnish coach’s two consecutive wins, there was a ‘golden hand’ captain

“Volleyball is a tool that connects me and the world.

” set the score to 3-2 (23-25, 13-25, 25-22, 25-17, 15-11).

It is Korean Air that has kept the honor of the ‘defending champion’. In addition, they completed the ‘Air Dynasty’ by winning the cup competition this season, achieving first place in the regular league, and winning the championship match. From the 2020-21 season to the present, it is a feat of winning the integrated championship for three consecutive seasons. 

In addition, Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen, the youngest coach in the men’s division and the only foreign (Finland) coach, wrote the third history as a foreign coach following his predecessor Roberto Santili (2020-21). Coach Tillikainen’s domestic stage integrated championship is the second consecutive since last season.

The first championship win was achieved first (2017-18 season) by former coach Park Ki-won, who led the club from 2016 to 2020. And from the 2020-21 season when a foreign manager entered, the history of consecutive integrated championships was made. Korean Air writes a new challenge to the historic monument of winning the combined championship for four consecutive years.

Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen, who met again after the game, said, “I expected it to be difficult, but Hyundai Capital persevered until the end. It was really hot and difficult.” 안전놀이터

Coach Tillikainen’s focus for the season was ‘work hard every day’. Through the pre-interview, he had little exposure to specific tactics, and he always put the word ‘you have to focus on one ball’ to the fore. Last season, it defeated KB Insurance, which had the greatest V-League mercenary Keita Noumori at the forefront, and wore the crown. 

Director Tillikainen said, “I think the story is different from last year, so I don’t think it’s a target for comparison. Only fantastic memories remain along with a good season.” 

He was silent for a moment when he was asked to convey his thoughts on winning in Korean, which he knew.

He also sent a message to MVP Han, who is considered one of the best setters in Korea and led the team to win this season, “You worked hard, friend.” Han won the second MVP after winning the first championship in the 2017-18 season. 

He asked coach Tilly Kainen, who now has another championship hat, about the meaning of the streak. 

“Volleyball is a tool that connects me to the world. It connects me to the world, makes new human relationships, and gets new ideas. 

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