‘Youngseok, save me’ tireless man, 38-year-old Shin Youngseok, a staff with both hands and feet with passion

Are you 38 years old? Aren’t you 20 years old?’ This thought came to my mind after watching the tireless man Shin Young-seok’s training routine.

Born in 1986, the heart of Shin Young-seok, who belongs to the senior level in the professional volleyball field, is still burning as hot as a rookie. Among the players from both teams, the first player to appear on the court was 38-year-old Shin Young-seok.

Incheon Gyeyang Gymnasium on the 2nd, where the V-League men’s round 5 match between Korean Air and KEPCO was held.

Match time at 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. Official training that takes place one hour before the start of the game. Players from both teams come out about 10 minutes early to warm up. It is common to stretch as a group to digest the training schedule set for each team. However, Shin Young-seok’s training routine looked a little different from other players메이저놀이터 .

Shin Young-seok came to the court about 30 minutes early. On the one hand, a pre-interview with a broadcasting company is in progress. Shin Young-seok used a strong serve as if in real life with a staff member standing on the other side to help him train. In the beginning, Shin Young-seok, who kept shaking his head because he didn’t like the direction of the serve and the feeling in his hands, repeated his training until a satisfactory serve came out.

Shin Young-seok’s serve did not stop even when the staff on the other side, who had been receiving strong serves in succession, expressed that it was difficult.

Shin Young-seok, who focused only on serve training for about 20 minutes, immediately grabbed the volleyball and headed into the court without a moment’s rest. Shin Yeong-seok looked satisfied only after training with two staff members and setter Kim Gwang-guk to repeat defense, fast break, toss, and receive.

Shin Young-seok, who finished training alone, briefly greeted the Korean Air players and immediately digested the official training. To Shin Young-seok, a senior member of the team, age seemed just a number.

Meanwhile, KEPCO, which has been in a weak state by losing all four previous games against Korean Air this season, finally cut off its natural enemy relationship thanks to the burning passion of senior Shin Young-seok. Tais scored the most in the team with 20 points, Lim Seong-jin with 15 points, Seo Jae-deok with 13 points, and Shin Young-seok with 8 points.

KEPCO was able to continue its spring volleyball hopes thanks to Shin Young-seok’s fighting, the tireless man ‘Stamina King’.

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