“You’ll do well, brother.” Twins two minutes apart have finally become ‘professional athlete brothers’

“I will nominate SSG Landers. Gongju High School, Yeoju University, catcher Kim Gyu-min.”

At the KBO 2024 rookie draft held on the 14th, Hanwha Eagles pitcher Kim Gyu-yeon, who was in Daejeon, jumped up when the player’s name was called for exactly the 100th time. Kim Gyu-min is Kim Gyu-yeon’s twin older brother, born two minutes before Kim Gyu-yeon on August 23, 2002.메이저사이트

In the 2021 rookie draft held three years ago in 2020, Kim Gyu-yeon of Gongju High School was selected by Hanwha with the 72nd overall pick in the 8th round. But he could not fully show his joy in front of his brother, who had not received his nomination. On this day, Kim Gyu-yeon was the only one whose name was called at Gongju High School.

Kim Gyu-yeon confessed her feelings at the time, saying, “At that time, all my classmates were watching it together in the high school dorm. It was good, but it was also sad. It was half and half. I think my parents felt the same way too. (Kyu-min Kim) I was a little upset because my name wasn’t called.”

So the brothers took different paths for the first time. Kim Gyu-yeon wore a professional uniform, and Kim Gyu-min entered college. But he was like playing baseball. The two sweated hard in their respective positions. And in 2023, Kim Gyu-yeon grew into a player responsible for the first team mound, and Kim Gyu-min also proudly received the nomination and entered the professional stage.

On the 14th, when there was no Hanwha game, Gyu-yeon Kim finished training and watched the live broadcast of his draft. Kim Gyu-yeon said, “I was nervous in the locker room when I watched it. I thought it would be nice to be called, but I thought it would be difficult because there were a lot of catchers in front, but I was really happy to be nominated. I got up and said, ‘Wow!’ “I did it,” he said, laughing.

At that time, Kim Gyu-yeon’s family was gathered at home and watching the draft. Kim Gyu-yeon said, “It was obvious that she was crying, so I deliberately took a while to talk to her.” The brothers and family, who all became professionals after many twists and turns, needed time. He said, “I told him it was a hard time, but my mom and dad kept crying. I called again and said various things and congratulated my brother.”

Kim Gyu-yeon’s older brother, Kim Gyu-min, is “a player with good shoulders and a good body.” Kim Gyu-yeon said, “I haven’t been sick since I was young, but I didn’t show it often. I don’t know much now because I don’t play baseball, but I was reticent,” and continued to confidently say, “I think I’ll do well.”

Although he is 2 minutes younger than me, he is a professional senior. He asked Gyu-yeon Kim if she had any advice for her older brother, and she said, “If you just say hello and be polite, you’re halfway there.” He laughed, saying, “I know some high school seniors and juniors at Landers. I asked them to let me know better, and told them to tell me if I don’t want to be rude.”

He even imagined playing head-to-head as a pitcher and batter in the first team. When asked a question, Kim Gyu-yeon quickly replies, “I will win.” “We haven’t talked about this before. But I win, I will win. First, throw a fastball for the first pitch, and then it’s going to be difficult from then on.” Kim Gyu-yeon smiled brightly, looking forward to that day.

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