Yesterday Park Se-hyeok, today Seo Ho-chul headshot hit the ambulance… Why is this happening 

Bad news was caught in the NC Dinos. An unfortunate accident occurred during two consecutive matches.

NC third baseman Seo Ho-cheol started as 2nd and 3rd baseman in the match against SSG Landers held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 15th. The situation occurred in the top of the 9th inning. In the 9th inning when the score was tied 0-0, with no runners out, NC Seo Ho-cheol stood at bat. The opposing pitcher is Seo Jin-yong.

In 2b2s, Seo Jin-yong threw a 139km fastball on the 5th pitch and hit Seo Ho-cheol in the head. He was wearing a helmet, but because his fastball hit his head, a snapping sound could be heard through the relay screen. Immediately after being hit by the ball, Seo Ho-cheol fell to the floor and held his head in pain. Immediately from the NC bench, a training coach came out to check the situation, and Seo Jin-yong and the SSG coaching staff also watched with a worried expression.

Because his fastball hit his head, Seo Jin-yong was ejected according to the relevant regulations, and Seo Ho-cheol checked his condition for a while and was taken to the hospital by ambulance that came into the baseball field. 바카라

In the game on the 14th, the day before, NC had an accident in which main catcher Park Se-hyuk was taken to the hospital after being hit by a bat with a helmet when SSG hitter Guillermo Heredia swung while defending. Park Se-hyeok had a 2-3 cm tear on his head and had a suture, and the next day he was canceled from the first team entry.

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