“World Cup? I didn’t want to play for Belgium”… Hazard ‘Shock Confession’

 Eden Hazard, who participated as the Belgian national team at the World Cup in Qatar last year, confessed that he did not want to play for Belgium at the World Cup.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 13th (Korean time), “Hazard admitted that he did not like playing for Belgium at the World Cup.”

Hazard, who was a Belgian ace, started two out of three matches in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. He started the first leg against Canada and helped them win 1–0, but lost the second leg against Morocco 0–2. The 3rd match against Croatia, where he played as a substitute, was 0-0 and ended up being eliminated in the group stage.

Hazard, who has just turned 32, announced his retirement from the national team after the group stage elimination was confirmed.

Currently, about three months after retirement, Hazard said, “I thought I would end my national team life after the World Cup. The performance I showed in Qatar did not have a decisive influence on my decision to retire.” It was time,” he explained the background of his retirement.

His retirement was from the 2021 European Championships. Hazard said, “After that tournament, I started thinking about retiring. I had an ankle injury, and I tried my best to come back, but I couldn’t play in the quarter-final against Italy. Mentally, it was a big change.”

“His teammate Toni Kroos told me ‘I retired from the national team two years ago so I could spend more time with his family’.” 스포츠토토

He confessed that he did not want to play in the World Cup. 

“New players came knocking on the door,” Hazard said. “I didn’t like playing for Belgium and not playing for Real Madrid. There was a new generation of players who deserved to play in Belgium.”

Meanwhile, Hazard is having a rough time at his team, Real Madrid. Due to his injury and self-management failure, he has only played in 7 games this season. Of those, he only made 3 starts.

He left Chelsea to join Real Madrid in 2019 as Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement, but he never met fans’ expectations.

Hazard, whose contract expires in June next year, has expressed his desire to remain with the team until his contract expires.

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