Woods 2 weeks in a row in front of fans… Son Charlie and PNC Championship

The PNC Championship, held every year around this time, is a very meaningful tournament for Tiger Woods (47, USA), the ‘golf emperor’. Woods, who was seriously injured in a major traffic accident in February of last year and stood at a critical juncture in his golf career, succeeded in rehabilitation with an indomitable will and played a comeback match in this tournament after 10 months. Although it was a family competition event, Woods announced a comeback with a healthy body. 안전놀이터

For two days starting on the 17th (local time), Woods and his son Charlie (13) will participate in the PNC Championship held at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club (par 72) in Orlando, Florida, USA for three consecutive years and challenge for a win. Professional players and their families compete in teams of two, and players must have won a major competition or the Players Championship to be invited. The family should not be professional players. Woods and his son, who ranked 7th in 2020, jointly scored 15 under par only in the final round last year, and took second place (25 under par, 119 strokes), two strokes behind the winning team John Daly and his son.

Woods participated in the major tournaments this year, the Masters, PGA Championship, and The Open, but showed that his physical condition had not yet fully recovered. Woods was scheduled to participate in the Hero World Challenge hosted by his foundation at the beginning of this month, but gave up due to pain in the sole of his right foot. Woods appears on the field for the first time in five months through the event competition ‘The Match’ held last week, and then appears in front of fans for two weeks in a row.

Even in The Match, Woods still couldn’t show his normal skills. However, he is attracting extraordinary attention from fans just by standing on the field with Charlie. Charlie is attracting attention as Woods’ ‘look-alike’ whenever he participates in the PNC Championship, and his golf skills seem to be improving significantly. Woods recently said, “Charlie sent a drive shot farther than me two weeks ago. I think the time to beat me will come soon,” he said, predicting an active performance in this tournament.

A total of 20 teams will participate in this year’s PNC Championship. Last year’s winning team Daly and Son, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, etc. will participate, and Nellie Korda (above USA) will form a team with her father Petr Corda, a former tennis star player, following last year. Annika Sorenstam (Sweden) will compete alongside her 11-year-old son, Will McGee, while Jim Furyk (USA) and Faudrig Harrington (Ireland) will also compete with her son. 

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