“Will you know even if I don’t tell you?”… 50 million won Baek Eui-jong, 38-year-old third baseman Plan A

 “Won’t you know your role even if you don’t speak?”

There are not many options. That is the reality you have to accept. NC Dinos’ ‘Plan A’ to fill the vacancy of the third baseman is Park Seok-min (38), who is aiming for a revival as Baek Ui-jong.

NC coach Kang In-kwon explained the 2023 season plan at a meeting with reporters after the New Year’s party held on the 16th.

It’s not specific, but it’s director Kang who has revealed various ideas of Plan A. Among them, the name of Park Seok-min was emphasized once again as the right person to fill the void at third base caused by Noh Jin-hyuk’s free agent transfer (Lotte) and Park Jun-young’s departure from the compensation player (Doosan). Coach Kang said he would give Park Seok-min a chance first.

He said, “There are players like Do Tae-hoon and Seo Ho-cheol, but if Seok-min Park builds his body well without injury, I would like to give Seok-min Park a chance first.” You will definitely know. He is a player with something he has done so far. He will show what he can handle himself.”

I can’t help but think of the slugging power of Eui-ji Yang (Doosan) and Jin-hyeok Roh (Lotte), who hit 20 and 15 homers, respectively, last year. Park Seok-min was a representative third base gun in the KBO League who hit 268 homers in his career. Director Kang In-kwon tries to believe in the maxim that ‘class is forever’.

He said, “There is something that has been done so far. A lot of players who can hit long shots are missing. So I think it will be stable only when he plays an active role that can fill that long hitting power,” he emphasized, “that’s why Park Seok-min’s performance is important.” Beyond ‘Plan A’, it is virtually the same as being selected as a key player this season. 바카라사이트

On this day, Park Seok-min did not attend the New Year’s party. He is in private training in the Philippines. He is fighting fiercely with a domestic university team that is undergoing field training. Park Seok-min was also the target of criticism as the center of the 2021 Seoul Expedition Accommodation Violation of the quarantine rules. He returned after being suspended from the game last year, but his batting average was 1.4 9 Lee (7-for-47) and 2 RBI OPS of .489 in 16 games.

At the end of last year, the 2+1 year 3.4 billion won contract signed in 2020 ended. He stood at a crossroads between his release and the extension of his career. However, Park Seok-min had a strong will to revive, and the club also decided to embrace Park Seok-min’s will to come back. He signed a 2023 annual salary contract for 50 million won, a significant cut from the annual salary of 700 million won while serving as Baek Eui-jong. Can Park Seok-min repay the trust of coach Kang In-kwon and the NC club?

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