Why do fans come back to the Velodrome?

The race has changed. This is because it has deviated from the simple pattern of finding second-tier candidates centered on the so-called “axis” of high scorers based on the organization in which skill differences are easily revealed.

At one time, Velodrome’s low dividend yield was so large that the vulgar saying, ‘It’s easy to match, but there’s nothing to eat’ was popular. This phenomenon became more prominent after Corona, when there was an absolute lack of players or racers, and there were many cases where low dividends of less than 5 times a day were close to 90% of the total.

Of course, it has the advantage of being easily accessible and safe, but there were not a few fans who pointed out the side effects or regrets that followed.

First of all, due to the passive management of the players, the development of the race was too simple or standardized, reducing the fun of watching, including inference, and the consequently small dividends on hits caused small used dividend investors, who account for the majority of the visitors, to lose interest in betting. .

However, in the new year, in order to improve the quality of the race and induce a thrilling race, the lead judoman evacuation point, the implementation system (half turn early evacuation), was changed, and so-called prenuptial races that tied players of similar skills were noticeably increased. This is a paving stone to have the fun of watching and the fun of filming at the same time.

The intention was strikingly good. This is because the ratio of the popular 1st and 2nd place races, commonly referred to as ‘That Road’, with the lowest dividend, decreased from 37.5% to 31.7% according to the tally of the 1st to 5th rounds this season. Among them, the excellent category showed the most change, from 33.3% last year to 19.0% this season.

It is evaluated that the number of unpredictable races has increased and this has been reflected in the results. On the contrary, the ratio of medium dividends or higher, which ranges from 5 times to about 20 times based on twins, naturally increased.

For small investors who enjoy bicycle racing as a leisure activity, the so-called spot dividend strategy with a low dividend of less than 2 times is truly unsatisfactory. Conversely, high dividends are bound to cheer, so it is bound to appeal. Although this is the beginning of the season, it can be seen as the main reason for the noticeable increase in visitors. It is fun and there is something to bring, so I voluntarily find the velodrome.

As the composition pattern changes바카라사이트, experts are also ordering a change in investment strategy. First of all, the difference from the past that is revealed is that the formation of similar skills increased, with the strong becoming the strong and the weak becoming the weak, so the number of strong single-person races decreased and the number of races with more than 3 or 4 divisions increased. As , the number of variables also increased.

In addition, if the axis is clear, the desire to compete among the rest of the candidates is encouraged, making it difficult to select the second place, resulting in an increase in complex races. The so-called straight-line driving from start to finish has decreased, and the range of reasoning has widened due to diversification of development. Finally, regardless of the day of the week, a certain level of difficult racing is assigned. In other words, it can be seen that the one-sided preferential treatment for differentiation by day of the week, seed, and high scorer is decreasing in the past.

The overall context is that the number of races in which the desire to compete, in other words, that cannot be easily given up, has increased as even players with poor skills or unstable momentum are provided with an equal opportunity to make a breakthrough.

It is a structural difference from the past that a challenger, commonly expressed according to the organization, can become a prize candidate and an ambush can also be upgraded to a challenger. The reality in which low dividends are reduced and medium dividends are forced to increase is somehow taken for granted.

Park Chang-hyeon, publisher of Yehsangji Choikang Keiryun, an expert in the first year of cycling, said, “First of all, the fact that the organization has diversified is that there are so many positive parts that we welcome it.” There is no need to think blindly. As a fan, you can choose and approach the race according to your preference or preference.” It is the intention that good results cannot be obtained by sticking to the past method.

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