Why did the K-League Chungbuk Cheongju players undergo ‘saliva genetic testing’?

All players of the Chungbuk Cheongju Professional Football Team (CEO: Kim Hyeon-joo, hereinafter Chungbuk Cheongju FC) conducted a saliva gene test at 2:00 pm on April 4 at the Gloucester Hotel in Cheongju. 

Saliva genetic testing was conducted to present a customized nutritional guide considering the genetic characteristics of athletes. Through the test results, it plans to comprehensively analyze various genetic information such as each player’s constitution and recovery speed after exercise. In the future, it plans to provide reference data for athletes’ personal nutrition management. 

Saliva genetic testing was conducted for the first time across all K-League clubs. Unlike the existing method of testing through blood sampling, there is an advantage in that it is easier and more accurate to obtain information through saliva analysis. On this day, the inspection was led by Professor Joo-Young Kim of the Department of Health Care Kinesiology at Seowon University. 

Professor Kim Joo-young, who is active in various fields such as nutrition consultants for some active K-League players, was appointed as a sports nutrition advisory committee member for Chungbuk Cheongju FC on the 11th of last month. He is concentrating on nutrition management for the Chungbuk Cheongju FC team based on his rich professional club sports nutrition advisory experience. The satisfaction of the athletes with the new inspection method was also high.  안전놀이터

After the test, Jang Hyuk-jin said, “I think it will be of great help to prepare for the game as I have the opportunity to accurately check my current physical condition, including my constitution. I will try to get good results by adding the test result data to the routine I have been maintaining.” revealed 

Hong Won-jin said, “It was new that it was the first inspection in the K-League. I am grateful to Professor Kim Joo-young and the club for giving me this rare opportunity. I want to repay you with good results as much as you took care of me carefully.” 

Director Choi Yoon-gyeom, who watched the test process, was satisfied with the progress of the test, saying, “Based on the test results, the coaching staff will do their best to help the players prepare for the game in a suitable physical condition.” Chungbuk Cheongju FC, which started to manage personal nutrition with a new attempt, will continue to strive to bring out the best performance through various methods.

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