Why did Director Choo Il-seung select Jaryn Stevenson? What are his specific skills?

 How does Choo Il-seung, the head coach of the Korean men’s national basketball team, evaluate Jae-ryn Stevenson? What is the background of the sudden selection of the national team reserve entry?

Jaerin Stevenson, the son of ‘legendary shooter’ Moon Tae-jong, will be selected as a preliminary entry for the Korean men’s basketball team. In a phone call on the 29th, coach Chu said, “Jaryn Stevenson is included in the preliminary entry. We will proceed with specific procedures for joining the national team.”

Jaryn Stevenson is the second son of Moon Tae-jong, a naturalized athlete of mixed race. He’s a big prospect. He is attending Spos High School in the US. He is expected to graduate next year, and he is receiving love calls from prestigious universities such as Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina.

Jaryn Stevenson plans to join the NBA after completing his first year of college. Moon Tae-jong, the father of Jaryn Stevenson, entered the KBL through the 2010 draft as one of Europe’s top forwards. He played an active role as the league’s best shooter from 2010 to 2019, wearing the Taegeuk mark and playing a big role as the national team ace in the 2011 Wuhan Asian Championships, the 2014 World Cup in Spain, and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

Jaryn Stevenson is a big forward. He is 2m7 tall and has excellent athleticism and even a 3-point shooting ability.

What is the reason coach Ilseung Choo selected him as a preliminary entry?

Director Chu said, “I don’t have any experience on the adult stage yet. Therefore, it is necessary to verify,” and “I think it is a good resource for the national team in the long run.”토토사이트

Regarding his actual skills, he said, “I am a stretch type big man, but I still need to improve my experience and physical skills. However, the possibilities are endless. I have good physical condition, excellent athletic ability, and skills.” After 1-2 years, he can become an MVP level. A player with more potential than that. The possibilities are endless.”

Coach Chu said, “Japan and Middle Eastern countries have naturalized many players and select them for each tournament. There is a high probability that Laguna will retire from the national team after the Asian Games. There is no preparation for naturalized players. This has a meaning, and I think it is important to include these resources in our national team.”

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