“When I was in college, my skills… The balance has collapsed.” Growing pains of a 22-year-old, first-ranked rookie, the head gave time to think

“It gave me a week or so to think about it.”

OK Financial Group outside heater Shin Shin (22) is a player who was nominated by OK Financial Group as the first overall in the 2022 men’s rookie draft. It is the first rookie player nominated by OK Financial Group four years after Jeon Jin-seon in 2018.

Shin Ho-jin, a graduate of Inha University, is a player who can see both an outside hitter and an apositive spiker. He is not tall at 187cm, but he has excellent jumping power and is a player who scores offense based on his endurance. His receiving ability is also quite decent

Head coach Choi Cheon-sik, a famous Korean striker who coached Shin Ho-jin at Inha University, said, “With a player like that, I can exercise really comfortably. He works hard, has a competitive spirit, has good fighting skills, and has good basic skills. active. He is truly the best player as a player,” he praised.

He was the one who showed his potential by showing active movement even in the practice game before the season opener. Woori Card coach Shin Young-chul said after a practice game with OK Financial Group, “A housekeeper appeared at OK Financial Group.”

Shin Ho-jin played as a substitute in the KEPCO match on October 23 last year, which was his professional debut match, and showed impressive performance. He had a lot of serve offenses, but only scored 5 runs. Also, in a match against KB Insurance on October 30, he scored 9 points, the most since his professional debut.

But that was all. Signals have been quiet lately. He continued to play as a substitute, but compared to his brilliant performance at the beginning of the first round, it is regrettable.

Currently, Hyundai Capital setter Lee Hyeon-seung, second in the first round, and Kim Jun-woo, a middle blocker for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, who are third in the first round, are active as the team’s main players and are competing for the rookie of the year, but Shin Ho-jin’s name is gradually being forgotten. He has played 17 games so far, scoring 38 points, with an attack success rate of 42.86% and a receiving efficiency of 16.13%. It’s shabby for a first-class player.

Seok Jin-wook, director of OK Financial Group, gave Shin Shin-jin a rest. In the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance held at Ansan home on the 8th, he was completely excluded from the entry. He wasn’t even brought to the gym. 안전놀이터

Manager Seok Jin-wook said, “Currently, I am not a professional player at all. My mentality is also shaking, and my skills are also declining. His balance has collapsed to the point where his skills are not showing up in college. He doesn’t go out to the one-point server and hit the serve well, but he doesn’t attack either.”

Coach Seok continued, “Inseong is a really upright and great player. He probably needs some time to think. He wants to rest for a week or so and come back. He looks like he’ll have to spend the 5th or 6th rounds rather than right away. At that time, I have to pay more attention to managing the condition of the main players.”

As manager Seok Jin-wook said, OK Financial Group currently has plenty of wing striker resources. Cho Jae-seong fell into suspicion of corruption in military service, but Song Myeong-geun joined the team after being discharged from the military. Existing Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo), captain Cha Ji-hwan, and last season’s rookie of the year Seung-soo Park. There is also a Jeon Byung-seon that serves as a one-point server. There are enough resources to replace him.

As a rookie, it’s natural for him to go through growing pains in his debut season. There is no flower that grows without such a time of trial. If you recharge the time given by the head coach and come back to give strength to the team, there will be nothing that will make coach Seok Jin-wook laugh more than that.

Let’s look forward to the future of Shin Shin, who will come back and walk on the court of OK Financial Group with a bright smile.

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