Wasn’t it Messi’s ‘Last Dance’… Opened the possibility of participating in the World Cup 3 years later

 Lee Kang-in’s buyout is in an atmosphere of solidifying at 30 million euros (approximately 40 billion won).

Considering that Lee Kang-in came to Mallorca as a free agent without a transfer fee, there are many opinions that this is an absurdly high amount.

He has been surrounded by transfer rumors since the middle of last month. At first, there were reports that Aston Villa and Newcastle United in the Premier League wanted it, and then Brighton appeared terrifyingly.

At the end of last month, it was revealed that Atletico Madrid, one of the top three La Liga clubs, was watching him. There were also reports that Atletico offered a transfer fee to Mallorca.

However, this kind of transfer rumor was hit with cold water as a possibility by a word from manager Javier Aguirre, who is holding the baton of Mallorca.

This is because coach Aguirre insisted that Lee Kang-in’s buyout be 30 million euros, not 17 million euros (approximately 22.7 billion won) 안전놀이터, prior to the expedition to Cadiz last weekend.

Afterwards, the Spanish media said it was not this amount, but the Mallorca CEO recently re-emphasized the 30 million euros and made a nuanced remark that Lee Kang-in’s stay in Mallorca was natural.

Mallorca director Pablo Ortels and business CEO Alfonso Dias mentioned Lee Kang-in’s transfer through the Spanish media ‘Cadenaser’, and Lee Kang-in’s buyout was discussed again at this meeting.

“Lee Kang-in is a Mallorca player, and I’m happy to be with us,” they said, “the 30 million euro buyout the coach said is true. We listen to all offers from the player, but that doesn’t mean we accept them.”

Since there is a contract period between Mallorca and Lee Kang-in, it is the club’s freedom whether or not to accept an offer within the period.

However, it seems that there will be a lot of controversy about setting a buyout of 30 million euros when the salary of a player who was brought in without a transfer fee would not be quite high.

It is worthy of criticism that Mallorca is holding players back with ignorant contracts.

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