Vietnam Boat People’s hope 41 years ago… U.S. Major Golf Champions Bloom in Lakes

Vietnamese-American Lilia Vu (26) became the “Lady of the Lake” by winning the first major event of the season on the LPGA Tour, the Chevron Championship.

Boo shot a 4 under par 68 with 5 birdies and 1 bogey in the final 4th round of the tournament held at The Club Carlton Woods (par 72) in Woodlands, Texas on the 24th. She scored a final total of 10 under par, 278, and was tied with Chinese-American Angel (25) and went into an overtime match. In the first extension on the 18th hole, Boo made a birdie when Yin was about to make a par putt, and won 765,000 dollars (approximately 1.02 billion won) in prize money. Boo, who had previously won her first Tour victory at the Honda Thailand event in February, became her first Tour winner all season with this event win.

Boo, who jumped into the pond as a champion ceremony, said, “I saw a snake in the pond on the 17th hole the day before and thought about (not to jump in), but my emotions were running high and my adrenaline was running, so I just jumped in.” The organizers installed a net to prevent wild animals such as crocodiles while maintaining the pond near the 18th hole to continue the tradition this year, when the tournament venue changed. Until last year, this tournament, which was held at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California, USA, was traditional for the winner to jump into the ‘Poppies Pond’ next to the green on the 18th hole. 토토사이트

Boo was tied for 11th place, 4 strokes behind the lead, with a 6 under par 210 strokes until the 3rd round of this tournament. In the 4th round, Boo, who continued par on the 10th to 16th holes in the second half, won consecutive birdies on the 17th and 18th holes to extend the game. In overtime, rival Lee drowned his second shot into the water and had an advantage, but his putt from outside the green did not stick closer to the hole than expected. However, in the end, the game ended with a successful birdie putt at a distance of about 4m.

Born in Fountain Valley, California, Boo is the granddaughter of the ‘Boat People’ and settled in the United States after her maternal grandfather fled communist Vietnam by boat in 1982 with his family. Even after winning the day, Boo said, “The reason I’m here is because of (ex) her grandfather.” “Her grandfather, who was hospitalized with a heart condition, told me one last time, ‘Do your best,’” she said in honor of her maternal grandfather, who passed away early in the COVID-19 crisis.

Among the Korean players who participated in this tournament, Kim A-lim (28) and Yang Hee-young (34) tied for 4th with a final total of 8 under par and 280 strokes, and Ko Jin-young (28) tied for 9th with 7 under par and 281 strokes, making his name in the top 10.

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