Victory that destroyed the ‘No. 1 Rebellion’ Industrial Bank of Korea and Heungkuk Life Insurance ‘No.

IBK Industrial Bank’s cool attack destroyed Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Industrial Bank of Korea held a set score 3-1 (25-12 25-19 24-26 25-20) in an away game against Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders in the 5th round of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ women’s division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 11th. won with

The heat of the confrontation안전놀이터 between the popular teams was hot. Samsan World Gymnasium, which was visited by 5,800 fans along with the warmer weather, recorded a full crowd.

Before the game, coach Kim Ho-cheol said, “I asked the players to think for themselves whether they are doing well or not. As we are professionals, we should not be ignored by the fans. He said that we should be polite to the fans for the remaining 9 games.” “he said.

Did coach Kim’s rebuke touch the players’ hearts? Industrial Bank of Korea won an easy victory against Heungkuk Life Insurance, which Kim Yeon-kyung held out.

The first set was dominated by IBK. Kim Hee-jin and Santana’s attacks and Kim Su-ji’s blocking scored one after another, raising the score to 13-7. On the other hand, Heungkuk Life Insurance showed weaknesses not only in attack but also in defense, and continued to give the upper hand. The main guns Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s attacks were blocked by the opponent’s defense every time and struggled. IBK’s flow continued throughout the set, and the score widened to 19-8. Yelena’s attack revived in the second half of the set, but it was not enough. IBK won the set 25-12.

IBK continued its momentum by winning the second set. At the beginning of the set, Kim Hee-jin’s open attack and Choi Jung-min’s serve ace led 4-1. Heungkuk Life Insurance attempted a counterattack. With Kim Yeon-kyung’s open attack and Yelena’s blocking goal, they succeeded in reversing 5-6. But the flow ended there. Hyundai E&C succeeded in reversing with Kim Soo-ji’s even performance in offense and defense, and scored again to 10-6. After that, IBK took the 2nd set leisurely without giving up the flow.

Heungkuk Life Insurance succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by winning the 3rd set. At the beginning of the set, Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack spewed fire. He was responsible for all 5 points in the first half and led to 2-5. IBK also countered by hitting Kim Hee-jin’s two consecutive open attacks and blocking goals. After that, a tight flow continued. At the end of the game, in a 24-24 deuce situation, Kim Hee-jin’s serve got caught in the net, and Pyo Seung-joo’s open attack failed, ending the third set 26-24.

IBK, which regrettably gave up 3 sets, took the flow from the beginning. The main gun Santana’s attack exploded and led up to 12-6. Kim Yeon-kyung’s open attacks burst one after another and pursued, but the momentum could not be broken. In the end, Yelena’s back attack finally won the 4th set and decorated the victory.

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