UFC Bantamweight Champion Sterling Biceps Injury… “It’s difficult to face Cejudo in March”

UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling (33, USA) will take on Henry Cejudo (35, USA) at UFC 285 held at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA on March 5 (Korean time). ) as a challenger.

However, it seems difficult to actually achieve a confrontation. After Sterling revealed the bicep injury, he revealed that it was difficult for him to compete at UFC 285.

Sterling said in a video on his YouTube channel on the 10th, “I don’t know if I can fight with partially torn biceps. I will have to train with sparring partners who are strong in wrestling, but I think I will need 100% biceps to fight.”

Sterling emphasized that bicep treatment should be preceded in order to face Cejudo, a gold medalist wrestler in the Beijing Olympics.

“I don’t look at Cejudo lightly. Of course he can run, but you have to be in good shape to compete in a 25-minute wrestling match against an opponent like Cejudo,” he said. “Is it realistic to compete in March? I don’t think so.” said. 안전놀이터

The title fight between Sterling and Cejudo was not confirmed. Both players were positive about the match, but Sterling took a step back. It remains to be seen whether this confrontation will be promoted again in the future, and whether Cejudo will have a return match with another opponent.

Sean O’Malley watches his liver as Sterling reveals that UFC 285 is difficult. “Sterling said he busted his bicep. If that’s true, give me a chance to break Cejudo,” he wrote on Twitter.

The main event for UFC 285 has yet to be confirmed. The possibility of Jon Jones’ comeback was emerging, but it was unknown.

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