‘U20 Asian Cup elimination, propaganda dismantling rumor’ Gangwon FC’s successive bad news

Bad news is following Gangwon FC, which is in crisis at the beginning of the season.

Gangwon, who lost Hyun-Jun Yang due to a fractured nose, lost to Uzbekistan in a penalty shoot-out in the U20 Asian Cup semifinals held on the 15th (Korean time), and the under-22 players compulsory rules were caught. This is because Lee Seung-won, who was selected for the under-20 national team, entered Korea on the morning of the 17th and returned to his team.

If the national team advanced to the finals, Lee Seung-won’s selection period was extended, and in the match against Pohang Steelers scheduled for the 18th, only one player under the age of 22 could be included in the 18-member list. However, with Lee Seung-won’s return, according to the rules, at least two players under the age of 22 must be included in the roster. If this is violated, the number of replacement cards is reduced to two. In a situation where Yang Hyeon-jun, a sure resource under the age of 22, was lost, the range of player operation was further reduced. 스포츠토토

Here, as rumors of the dissolution of Shenzhen FC in the Chinese Super League circulate, concerns are being raised that even the transfer fee of Lim Chae-min (now Jeju), who sent the loan, could be blown up. Shenzhen was not included in the ‘list of clubs in the first round of debt settlement’ announced by the China Football Association on the 13th. It is known that the parent company is struggling to pay off its debts due to its deteriorating financial situation. If this situation continues, there is a possibility that it will be disbanded due to financial difficulties like Chongqing FC and Qingdao FC. Gangwon, which sent Lim Chae-min to Shenzhen last year, has yet to receive 770,000 dollars (about 1 billion won), which is part of the transfer fee. Gangwon filed a complaint with FIFA last year and received a decision to ‘pay the overdue transfer fee’. The FIFA-affiliated dispute mediation agency ordered Shenzhen to pay $770,000 unpaid with interest, plus a penalty of about 500 million won. Along with this, Shenzhen was banned from recruiting.

However, if Shenzhen does not pay the transfer fee despite these measures, there is no other option for Gangwon. For Gangwon, a provincial club, the amount of more than 1.5 billion won is a very large amount, so it is inevitable that it will be frustrating.

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