‘Two consecutive thrones’ Choi Jeong, 9-dan stronghold… Will a new champion be born?

The ‘Dr.G Women’s Best Knight’ is looking for a new and third champion. 

On the 3rd, the opening ceremony of the ‘2023 Doctor G Women’s Best Knight Final’ was held at the Korea Origin Center in the presence of various officials. After the Opening Ceremony, the second leg of the qualifying round began immediately. 

In the preliminaries of this tournament, 44 professional female knights belonging to the Korea Kiwon competed, and four finalists were selected. The women’s top knight match, which started with the first game on the 2nd, will be held at Korea Kiwon until the semi-finals of the preliminary round on the 4th, and the preliminary final will be broadcast live through K Baduk from June 1 to 4. 

The final, which was held as an 8-player full league until the last tournament, will be changed to an 8-player loser revival tournament from this year. In addition, the final, which was held in 5 rounds, will be shortened to 3 rounds. 

In the finals, which will be held from June 12th, 4 of the preliminary rounds, Choi Jeong 9p, who won the first round, runner-up Kim Chae-young 7p, and Oh Yu-jin 9p, who finished third in the finals, got the right to participate as seeds. The one remaining sponsor seed will be determined after the preliminaries.

In the women’s best article match, which was launched in 2021, no player who has pushed Choi Jeong has been born so far. In the 1st tournament, Choi Jeong won the championship by defeating Oh Yu-jin, and in the 2nd tournament, he won a shutout against Kim Chae-young and achieved 2 consecutive victories. 메이저사이트

The championship prize is 35 million won and the runner-up prize is 15 million won.

The time limit is three one-minute countdowns per hour in the prelims, and three one-minute countdowns in 100 minutes each in the finals.   

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