Top speed of 300km… Wear a wingsuit and fit under your legs! outside

A thrilling aerial stunt unfolds in Spain.

Wearing a wingsuit and flying at speeds of up to 300 km/h, it passed between narrow bridges.

Introducing the steel player who ran non-stop and reached the highest peak in Antarctica.

Let’s meet at exotic sports in the global village.

▶ Up to 300km/h… Wear a wingsuit and fit under your legs!

Wearing a wingsuit shaped like a flying squirrel, he splits the sky.

I wanted to see a panoramic view of the town of Ronda in southern Spain, but what just passed by? (Video: The moment of passing the bridge)

I passed through the narrow arch of the ‘Nuevo Bridge’ built between 120m deep canyons in an instant.

Spanish wingsuit expert Dani Roman has performed a dizzying bridge crossing feat.

It is said that it has been tested more than 100 times over several months to pass through a narrow space wearing a wingsuit that can reach up to 300 km/h.

▶ Conquer Antarctica’s highest peak, Vinson Massif, with extreme running!

An endless white snowfield안전놀이터 .

4,892 m above sea level. It is the tallest Vinson Massif in Antarctica.

The runners up this difficult-to-walk area are Brazilian ultra runner Fernanda Masiel and guide Sam Hennessy.

Ultra running is an extreme marathon where you have to run over 100km on a mountain course without stopping.

It takes at least a few days for ordinary climbers, but Masiel succeeded in reaching the summit in just 9 hours and 41 minutes round trip.

The temperature dropped to minus 35 degrees Celsius and the equipment froze, so it was difficult, but the world’s first ultra-running ascent and the world’s shortest ascent record were set.

<Fernanda Masiel / Ultra Runner Up Vinson Massif> “It was so much fun. It felt so good to run down the steep wall on a 1,200m rope. It was crazy.”

Masiel said his challenge did not end there, and he expressed his aspirations to climb Mount Everest with ultra-running.

Until now, it has been a unique sport in the global village.

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