“Throws like Kershaw” KIA Eui-ri Lee’s potential, ML also paid attention

The American Major League (ML) was also paying attention to the growth potential of Lee Eui-ri (20, KIA), the ‘Tigers Rookie of the Year’.

On the 14th (Korean time), the American baseball statistics media fan graph updated the international prospect scouting report and looked at Eui-ri Lee as a prospect with an overall score of 35+ on the 20-80 scale that evaluates player ability.

On the 20-80 scale, where 20 is the lowest and 80 is the perfect score, 35+ is a score that is often seen in ordinary prospects below Triple-A in the major leagues. Considering that the average starting player in the major leagues gets 50 points, and foreign players heading to the Korean KBO league usually get 40-45 points, this isn’t too disappointing.

The growth potential of sliders and curves was evaluated the highest. The media saw the maximum of Lee Eui-ri’s slider and changeup as 55 points and the current one as 50 points. The fastball was currently 35, maximum 45, and the changeup was currently 30, maximum 45. Controlling power is currently 30 points, which is far below the major league average, but it was judged that it can be raised to the average level with a maximum of 50 points.

Fan Graph said, “Lee Eui-ri is a small, athletic left-handed pitcher. He has a short arm swing and throws with an overthrow. He is 90-91 miles per hour with his body size and drop-drive delivery. (About 145-146 km). He also shows deception (hiding motion when pitching) with a throwing arm swing like Clayton Kershaw (34, LA Dodgers).”

The 20-80 scale is not fixed. It is a relative evaluation against the average player in the major leagues and can be readjusted depending on future development. The evaluators who scored this time gave Lee Eui-ri a high score for his growth potential. Fangraph said, “We bet that Lee Eui-ri will show better arm strength and control as he grows up. We think his breaking ball has good vertical movement and his flexible arm action will show a better changeup.”안전놀이터

Eui-ri Lee has become an indispensable player in KIA’s season plan, but it is only in the second year. After becoming the first Tigers rookie king in 36 years with excellent pitching in the first half of last year, he showed a step forward this year. Unlike last year, when he only played 94⅔ innings, this year, he played 29 games and 154 innings, alleviating concerns about his injury. His walks per 9 innings decreased from 5.32 to 4.32 while his strikeouts per 9 innings increased from 8.84 to 9.41.

Fangraph also noticed that he easily digested 154 innings at the young age of 20 and said, “There is a limit to increasing speed when looking at Lee Eui-ri’s physique conditions. Therefore, he may not have a great ceiling (maximum growth), (Major League) He has the talent to digest the starting rotation.”