The task facing Chairman Mueller is to meet the national and athlete eye level

Now is the time for Michael Müller (57, Germany), the new national team member of the Korea Football Association (KFA). Chairman Müller introduced himself as a coordinator and communicator at a press conference on the appointment of the national coach and his impressions of inauguration held at the Soccer Hall on the 11th. It seems to mean that he will lead the way while communicating directly.

Chairman Muller’s remarks revealed his will to communicate with KFA staff and national team players. As much public interest in the appointment of the coach of the national team A, we can get a glimpse of the effort to follow a comprehensive, logical and systematic process. It is time to appoint a coach for the national team that is acceptable to the majority, as Chairman Müller himself has opened up possibilities for both domestic and foreign figures.

Right now, we have the task of meeting the public’s eye level. The Korean men’s soccer team performed beyond expectations at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which advanced to the round of 16. We played on equal footing with Uruguay and Portugal. At the 2026 North and Central America Games, the Asian quota will increase. As Korea is more likely to pass the World Cup qualifiers, there is an atmosphere that a higher level of performance is needed.

“Being German, I have to think internationally,” Müller said. I will keep all possibilities open,” he said. There is a large opinion that internationality should go beyond simply domestic and foreign figures and be in line with the context of ‘advanced football’. Joon-hee Han, soccer commentator at Coupang Play, said, “It is important to have a coach who understands the trends these days, even if his career is rather short. It’s okay to find someone who has shown enough potential in the club.” 안전놀이터

It is essential to appoint a coach who must gain the trust of the players. During the Qatar tournament, the national team players emphasized that they “played a good soccer game” and “believed in the soccer of the national team that was created over the past four years.” Active national team players, such as Lee Jae-seong (Mainz) and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), were unusually vocal about the next coach. That’s proof that Bento’s coaching system was satisfactory.

Commentator Han Jun-hee said, “It is important to appoint a coach who is fluent in the current soccer trend and can provide guidance at a level that meets the players’ eye level. At least, you have to choose from among the directors who won’t give the impression that you’re going backwards from Bento’s days. A person who has been away from the field for too long and has been resting is considered somewhat unsuitable. You shouldn’t be too biased toward appearance and reputation.”

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