‘The Strongest Magnificence X’ LAD, soon to return to Gonsolin→Last year’s appearance?

Tony Gonsolin (29), who left excellent results last year, will soon join the LA Dodgers mound, which is hovering around 50% odds unlike in previous years.

On the 24th (hereafter Korean time), The Athletic reported Gonsolin’s return schedule from injury. This is a quote from Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts.

According to this, Roberts plans to make Gonsolin a starting pitcher against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 27th. It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s very likely. 토토사이트

If Gonsolin gets a start against Pittsburgh on the 27th, he’s expected to pitch four innings. This is because it is his first match after returning.

Gonsolin left the team in the middle of last month due to a sprained ankle. He started the season on the injured list. However, his injury was not serious, and it is likely that he will be able to return within this month.

Gonsolin, who will be entering his fifth year in the majors, pitched 130 1/3 innings in 24 games last year, going 16-1 with a 2.14 ERA. 119 strikeouts.

His ERA was very good, but his innings pitched per game were few. As a result, he failed to fill the regulation innings. Many point out that his glass body is a weakness.

In order for Gonsolin to lead the Los Angeles Dodgers on the mound, he needs to play many games and innings while maintaining last year’s ERA.

The Los Angeles Dodgers recorded 16-7 with a 0.696 winning percentage in 23 games last year. On the other hand, this season, they are only 12-11 with a win rate of 0.522.

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