The reason Yang Hee-jong was able to leave without regret… Because Seonggon Moon is the best defender for 4 seasons in a row.

Yang Hee-jong was able to leave the court without regret. Because there was a strong successor behind him.

Anyang KGC Moon Seong-gon won the Best Defense Award at the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Awards Ceremony held at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Grand Ballroom on the 30th.

Moon Seong-gon achieved the feat of winning the Best Defense Award for four consecutive seasons from the 2019-20 season to the 2022-23 season. This is the first record in KBL history. He, who had already written history by winning the first three consecutive Best Defense Awards in the 2021-22 season, stood at the top again this time.

Moon Seong-gon was evaluated as a shooter even until his junior year in college. However, as he advanced to his senior year, his shooting sense blunted, but he acquired the best weapon instead. that’s defense. In the end, his defense was obviously unusual enough that he was selected for the adult national team as a college player.

Even after his professional debut, “professional defender” Seong-gon Moon was valued more than “shooter” Seong-gon Moon. Leaving behind his rookie days full of pain, he gradually grew up and eventually rose to become the best defender in KBL following college.

Looking at Moon Seong-gon’s play, Yang Hee-jong suddenly comes to mind. An all-around player until college, he focused on defense to survive after his professional debut and eventually became the most trusted professional defender in international competitions beyond the KBL. When it came to clutch situations, he showed excellent resolution skills. Everything explained just now can be confirmed with Moon Seong-gon now.

Yang Hee-jong, right after announcing the news of his retirement, was asked about the ‘post-Yang Hee-jong’, saying, “Don’t you know (laughs). (Moon) Seonggon is the player who should lead Anyang in the future. I too think so. He believes the fans are no different.”

With Moon Seong-gon, who reminds him of his youth, Yang Hee-jong was able to decide to leave the court in peace. And Moon Seong-gon lived up to Yang Hee-jong’s expectations and made him happy by setting an unprecedented record of being the best defense award for four consecutive seasons.바카라

Meanwhile, Moon Seong-gon challenges another great record. He was also selected as the 5th defensive girl this season, and was named for the fourth consecutive season. If selected as the 5th defensive girl in the 2023-24 season, it will stand shoulder to shoulder with Yang Hee-jong’s record of 5th defensive girl for 5 consecutive seasons.

Now, it is Moon Seong-gon who has stepped into his heyday. Currently, there are few defenders in the KBL who play a tighter, more pressure-filled defense than him. If he plays well in the next season and the next season without injury, he can engrave his name on the defensive record once again beyond Yang Hee-jong.

Will Moon Seong-gon be able to show the best defense for a long time so that the title of ‘Post Yang Hee-jong’ will not fade? There is no doubt about it now.

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