The oldest & setter than the first ‘fourth consecutive integrated championship’… What’s next for ‘Field Marshal’?

 Korean Air’s main setter, Han (38), was selected as the men’s MVP. However, during his MVP award speech, he remembered his next goal.

Player Han won the men’s regular league MVP at the 2022-2023 V-League Awards Ceremony held at Grand Hyatt Seoul in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th.

Korean Air climbed to the top thanks to Han’s stable delivery of the ball and game management. He led the team by coordinating twin guns such as Lincoln and Jung Ji-seok. “First of all, I was happy to win. And I got the MVP. He thinks he got it as a player representative. It feels good,” he said.

He is the oldest and the first setter to become MVP. Regarding this part, one player said, “What I want to say to young players is that I don’t want them to be afraid. I hope you don’t think of failure. There is a process, and in that process there is success. I hope you beat it until the end.”

Born in 1985, he did not have much time left. He has the confidence to play better yet, but with the end in sight, he has one clear goal in mind.

He said, “I keep writing the first (oldest, setter’s first MVP), but I want the team to be the first. I want to achieve 4 consecutive championships. “Isn’t it the first record to win 4 consecutive championships?”

He repeatedly referred to team wins rather than individual awards. Even so, I hope that there will be many good setters in the league. This is because the ‘Taegeuk mark’ must also be inherited.

Of course, he said, “If I need to, if my body allows it, I will go. But if I’m not helpful, I’ll have to come out. There would be nothing more glorious if I could help, but my knee condition is not good right now.” He said, “I want to help anytime,” but it is not an easy task. 메이저사이트

Han Seon-soo also left advice for his junior setters. “There are times when things don’t go well and times when things go well,” he said. You must be able to overcome difficult moments well,” he said. “The setter’s mission is important. It is in the middle where the ball has to go through. The setter must deliver equally accurately on a bad receive. Any good ball can be delivered well. Even if you have a bad receive, you should be able to dodge well. This season, I think it worked out well.” He found the secret to winning the MVP award himself. It’s a story that juniors should listen to.

He said, “I think of my own volleyball and my own toss.” I asked if there was a player among the junior setters who had his eyes on him or if he had a rival, but his answer was, “I don’t always think of a rival. He thinks he is important.” In the next season, he will only look at winning 4 consecutive championships and try to go his own way.

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