The number of victories by foreign substitution… Professional basketball entering the second half

Professional basketball clubs in need of a rebound are making a winning move by replacing foreign players.

KT, who changed both foreign players, raised the rankings, and Samsung at the bottom is also aiming for a reversal.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Contrary to expectations as a candidate for the championship this season, KT fell to the bottom.

Judging that the sluggish performance of two foreign players, Eunnoko and Anoshike, was the cause, KT made a bold decision to replace all players.

The result is a great success.

When the new foreign players, Jones and Prosper, were fully established, KT flew.

At the same time, domestic players such as Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yoon-ki also improved their performance, with field goal rates rising.

KT, who climbed to 7th place with 6 consecutive wins in 8 games, started a full-fledged fight for the middle ranks.

<Ha Yoon-gi / Suwon KT> “Since we’re already in the 4th round, each game is important, so we worked hard to win…” 슬롯사이트

Samsung, which fell into the swamp of 8 consecutive losses and fell to the bottom, also made a decision.

Samsung recruited Arledge when Jupo Derrickson was sidelined due to a knee injury from the beginning of last month.

However, as Terry and Alledge struggled together, they were replaced with Willis, who has good scoring skills, and Moss, a big man, to welcome the second half.

Samsung, who threw the game, plans to support the performance of ‘Iron Man’ Lee Jung-hyun with a new foreign player.

Carrot, who won three straight wins right before the All-Star break, is also trying to turn around by sending Treadwell, who was sluggish, to rise to the top, and recruiting

Aletji, who was released from Samsung but does not need more time to adapt to KBL.

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