“The most meaningful award in my career” Peddie missed the KBO Monthly MVP… Colleagues got it

 NC Eric Peddy failed to win the Monthly MVP Award despite recording an average ERA of 0.47 in the month of April. However, NC colleagues did not overlook the hard work of new family Peddy. He was selected as the pitcher’s MVP in the club’s monthly MVP vote, which was chosen by the players and field staff.

The NC club conducted a monthly MVP vote in April for the players and field staff ahead of the Changwon LG game on the 2nd. Candidates were selected by the coaching staff. Out of a total of 62 votes, Pedi received 48 votes.

Peddy went 4-1 with a 0.47 ERA in 38 innings in 6 games in April. He tied for first in the KBO League in wins, first in earned run average, second in strikeouts (48), and third in WHIP (0.89).

Peddie, who was chosen as the club’s own monthly MVP, said, “It is the most meaningful award I have received in my career as it is an award chosen by the players. It is a great motivation to finish my first month in the KBO League with the award chosen by my teammates. My April ” is April with my teammates, not just me. Thanks to my teammates, I was able to win the April MVP award.”

“I was able to quickly adapt to the KBO League with the help of the managers of the international affairs team. I would like to say thank you to them. I always want to do well, but I know that baseball cannot be like that. When difficulties come, I want to be with my teammates. I will do my best to overcome it,” he added.

Pitcher Kim Yeong-gyu, who voted for Peddy, said, “I couldn’t help but vote for both individual performance and team contribution. I think he showed the best pitching in the KBO League beyond the April team. In particular, I think he showed a really good figure as our team’s first starter. It was also impressive to see how he worked hard to quickly blend into the team atmosphere.”토토사이트

Pedy’s momentum continues in May. In the game against kt on the 9th, Peddy achieved a quality start with 3 runs while giving up 2 home runs in 6 innings. He added a multiplier with 6 innings and 2 runs against Kiwoom on the 14th. As of the 16th, with an average ERA of 1.26 with 6 wins and 1 loss in 8 games, both wins and average ERA are running first in the league.

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