‘The captain’s appointment is a mistake → Proof of a great captain’… Ten Hagh ‘changed attitude’ in 1G

 English Premier League (EPL) Manchester United ‘Captain’ Bruno Fernandes received rave reviews. from whom? From Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag.메이저사이트

Lately, Fernandez has been under the negative eye of Ten Hag. It was because Manchester United had a bad start to the season. The claim could not avoid responsibility.   

Manchester United narrowly won 1-0 against Wolverhampton in the first round, and collapsed 0-2 to Tottenham in the second round after helplessness. Then, the accusations against Fernandez poured in.

The British press said, “The appointment of Fernandes as captain is not impressive. We do not judge Fernandes as qualified captain. He is not a suitable player to captain United. It came, but that is not the case with Fernandez.”

Manager Ten Haag is also known to have expressed dissatisfaction.

Fernandes has been appointed as the new captain after Harry Maguire, who was United’s captain until last season. It was an arbitrary choice by director Ten Hagh. It is a decision made by coach Ten Hagh alone without going through a team vote. Because such an argument did not play its role, director Ten Hagh also exploded.

Britain’s ‘Mirror’ reported that “Ten Hag made a big mistake in appointing Fernandes as Manchester United captain.”

The media continued, “Ten Hag raised questions about the team’s poor season under captain Fernandez’s system. In particular, the question grew after the 0-2 defeat to Tottenham. Fernandez’s performance was also irregular.” added.

The third round match against Nottingham Forest was played in the worst atmosphere. Manchester United succeeded in reversing the atmosphere. After trailing 0-2, they won 3-2 come-from-behind. It was Fernandez who scored the winning goal. In the 31st minute of the second half, he scored a goal from a penalty kick.

When he played the role of a captain for the first time this season, manager Ten Haag tried to change his stance in one game. He ‘highly praised’ the claim, which he called a mistake.

After the win over Nottingham, manager Ten Haag said: “Fernandez has proven to be a great captain for United. He shows why we chose him as captain. He is a very good captain. He continues to perform well. I think I played an impressive game.”

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