“That player seems to be able to do anything” Praise again and again, Hanwha has another super rookie

 Kim Seo-hyun (19) is not the only Hanwha rookie player. Infielder Moon Hyun-bin (19) also stands out and is receiving attention from the coaching staff.

Moon Hyun-bin wore a Hanwha uniform with the 11th overall pick in the 2nd round in the 2023 rookie draft held last year. Although he is small at 173 cm and 82 kg, he boasts a fierce hitting feeling. He recorded a high batting average of 0.445 in the high school league last year. On top of that, it is evaluated that he has contact, pioneering ideas, quick feet, and stable defensive skills. He was also recognized for his leadership, and he served as the captain of the WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup national team, which was selected along with Kim Seo-hyun.

Moon Hyun-bin received a snow stamp at the finish camp held in November of last year, and was also listed on the first team spring camp list. He is the only rookie beast.

As expected, he is training hard in spring camp. With ‘sincerity’ as a weapon, he captured the hearts of the coaching staff and general manager Son Hyuk. Praise continued.

General Manager Hyuk Son said through the club, “I say that I do not trust the newcomer because if I include it with all my strength, it will hurt the team if I do not meet the expectations. “When I look at his attitude and eyes during training, he seems desperate enough to feel that ‘that player can do anything’, and he is eager to do anything,” he said.

Hitting coach Kim Nam-hyung also said, “I was surprised that a new player has a personal routine for batting training, and the part that makes changes when he or she is not good at understanding or self-confidence is great.”

He is so ambitious that even the coaching staff stops him. It’s because it’s easy to get injured if you do overface.

Defensive coach Choi Yun-seok said, “(Moon) Hyun-bin is trying to do all the catches and throws in defense training, so he is rather discouraging him to adjust the pace.” Wow, his defensive sense is better than he thinks,” he praised.

However, he added, “I still lack experience,바카라사이트 so I will have to grow while receiving real batting balls through practice and training.”

For Moon Hyun-bin, the 1st team camp is a fun stage.

He laughed, “It’s so fun. It’s my first overseas spring camp, and I really like being able to train outside in good weather.” After laughing, he said, “I feel that my basic skills are lacking a lot while training with my seniors. It’s an important time to work hard, so I’ll work harder.”

Moon Hyun-bin said that rather than being conscious of the ongoing fierce competition for positions, she wanted to believe in herself and train hard to complete the camp and season without injury.

Moon Hyun-bin said, “Internal competition is fierce, so all the seniors and classmates who train hard in Arizona and Kochi are competitors.” I want to achieve my goal,” he said.

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