‘Taekwondo Keystone’ Kim Ha-Sung and Edman break into the ‘Top 10’… Team dedication recognised

It’s hard to pinpoint a single position for the Korean National Baseball Team’s keystone duo of infielders Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego) and Tommy Edmon (28, St. Louis), the same age as their teammates at the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March. They play so many different positions.

Kim Ha-seong, who was a consistent shortstop in the KBO, has been moving around the infield to find more versatility in the major leagues. That’s why San Diego signed him. In addition to shortstop, he also plays second and third base. He is completely comfortable in any position. His defence is above league average in every position.토토사이트

Since his major league debut in 2021, Kim has played 1,392⅓ innings at shortstop, 473⅓ at third base, and 416⅔ at second base. Last year, he started at shortstop to fill the injury and suspension gap for Fernando Tatis Jr. and this year, with the acquisition of All-Star shortstop Xander Bogaerts, he settled in at second base. He’s also filling in for Manny Machado at third base.

Edmon is already a major league utility player. He’s played second base, shortstop, and third base since he was a kid, and he’s also played 570⅔ career innings in the outfield. In the outfield, he has played mostly in the corners, but in recent years he has also started in the middle infield due to team needs. He is a true utility player who can play every position except catcher and first base.

Major league rosters are limited to 26 players. With the tight schedule, utility players who can play multiple positions are becoming increasingly valuable. In fact, as of this season, the Gold Glove award now includes “utility”. The award was created specifically for these players because of the disadvantage of playing multiple positions and not being able to consistently perform at one position.

These two players are recognised as being at the top of their game. Kim was ranked sixth and Edman ninth in the first two months of the Major League Baseball season by Bleacher Report. This recognises their value to the team as they play multiple positions.

As of the 5th, Kim is batting .244 with five home runs, 18 RBIs, 11 doubles, and an OPS of .724 in 55 games this season. While his offensive numbers aren’t anything special, he’s at the top of the league in defensive metrics.

In fact, according to Fielding Bible’s DRS (a measure of defensive runs saved), Kim ranks first in the league. He’s got all the makings of a solid, highlight-reel defender.

Edmon is still hitting well, too, with a .259 batting average, six home runs, 21 RBIs, eight doubles, and a .762 OPS in 57 games this season. He made some adjustments to his batting form and approach before the season, and it’s paying off offensively.

His defence is one of the best in the league, as evidenced by his Gold Glove award. Lately, he’s been playing centre field, and his defensive range belies the fact that he only has one year of experience in the middle infield.

After Ben Zobrist’s successful free agent signing, utility players are becoming more valuable on the market. Both players are also approaching free agency or salary arbitration eligibility, which is exciting.

Kim is under contract for four years with San Diego after the 2024 season. We think he’s in for a treat. Edmon is also a free agent at the end of the 2025 season. He won’t be too old when he hits free agency, so the size of his contract will be very interesting.

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