Suwon’s first 2 consecutive wins + last place chance… The problem is that the opponent is Ulsan.

Suwon Samsung meets Ulsan Hyundai at this timing.

Suwon and Ulsan will face off in the 14th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 6:00 pm on the 21st. Currently, Suwon is at the bottom of the league with 8 points, while Ulsan is at the top of the league with 34 points.

Two teams from end to end of the leaderboard meet. First, Suwon appointed coach Kim Byung-soo with the will to overcome the worst slump, and won the second victory of the season in the Gangwon FC expedition, which was the second game after taking office. The encouraging part was that, unlike Jeonbuk Hyundai War, which was helplessly defeated, it was possible to see that the assortment of ‘Byungsoo Ball’, which is called the tactical style of coach Kim Byung-soo, was equipped to some extent.

It was also nice to see Ahn Byung-joon’s goal, which broke the long silence. Ahn Byung-Jun performed a ceremony that seemed to vomit his anger after scoring his team’s second goal with his individual skills and his own goal in the league this season. It is good news for Suwon that Ahn Byung-Jun’s scoring cannon has been activated as it is highly likely that Ahn Byung-Jun will receive many opportunities under coach Kim Byung-Soo’s system.

Suwon is ready to challenge for the first two consecutive wins of the season. If Suwon wins this game and Gangwon loses to Pohang Steelers, the rankings of the two teams will be reversed. This is the reason why Suwon can aim for a reversal of the rankings in this round, and a ‘follow-up’.토토사이트

The problem is that the next opponent is Ulsan, which ranks first in the league. Ulsan is building a solo system this season with outstanding performance with a stronger organization than last season. After suffering the first loss of the season to Daejeon Hana Citizen and winning a draw in the East Coast Derby against Pohang, it was a process of catching a breath for a while. Since then, Ulsan has been on a five-game winning streak by defeating Gwangju FC, Daegu FC, Gangwon FC, and FC Seoul, starting with Incheon United. From Suwon’s point of view, it is Ulsan that can be a fearful opponent, not a difficult level.

Ulsan will challenge coach Hong Myung-bo to defeat the jinx along with solidifying its solo system in this game. If Ulsan wins the match against Suwon, it will be able to widen the gap with Seoul in second place to 13 points. To do this, you need to break the jinx. Coach Hong Myung-bo has won 1 draw and 2 losses in 3 Big Bird away matches since taking the helm of Ulsan. This season, as the atmosphere of the two teams is opposite like the leaderboard, Ulsan is expected to aim to solidify first place by defeating Jinx.

In the first match of the season held in Ulsan last month, Ulsan won 2-1. At the time, Suwon, under manager Lee Byung-geun’s system, showed good performance in the second half, but suffered a defeat after revealing a problem in the goal-making ability.

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