Students in the late 1990s centered on the team… A rejuvenated Jeonbuk has taken a step toward a new era

 Generation change. It is a keyword that describes Jeonbuk Hyundai today.

Jeonbuk chose long-term cohabitation with veterans as a strategy to defend the K-League 1 title from 2017 to 2021. Through contract renewals with Kim Bo-kyung, Lee Seung-gi, Lee Yong, Han Kyo-won, and Choi Chul-soon, the biggest goal was to protect the DNA of the team and build the strength to endure. It was the secret to winning five consecutive championships.

Last year, Jeonbuk came down from the K-League 1 throne. In order to add vitality to the team and build a ‘dynasty’ again in the long term, rebuilding was urgent. As long as we couldn’t rely on veterans, it was imperative to lower the average age of the team.

In fact, Jeonbuk has been preparing for a generational change by recruiting Baek Seung-ho, Kim Jin-gyu (born in 1997), Maeng Seong-woong (born in 1998), and Song Min-gyu (born in 1999) from the point before missing the championship in 2022. Those recruited by coach Kim Sang-shik took root as the main pillars of the team, and were evaluated as successful recruits. The stepping stone for a generational shift that has been steadily built has settled well. 안전놀이터

Jeonbuk is accelerating the generational change through the winter transfer market this season. ‘Young blood’ was widely transfused across all positions, including offense, midfield, and defense. They recruited Lee Dong-jun, Jeong Tae-wook, and Kim Gun-woong (born in 1997), as well as Lee Soo-bin (born in 2000) and Oh Jae-hyuk (born in 2002). Jeonbuk boldly spent the transfer fee to recruit them.

In fact, there are not many resources in the K-League that Jeonbuk can be greedy for. Many young and talented players have turned their eyes abroad and are already active in European leagues. Otherwise, he is playing for rival Ulsan Hyundai. Jeonbuk has the best resources to choose from. In addition to existing resources, Jeonbuk’s core now is players born in the late 1990s. Cho Kyu-seong, who seemed likely to advance to Europe, can expect a change to a team full of vitality as he has settled for a stay.

It is not simply a paving stone for 2023. Jeonbuk is the strongest team that has reached the top of the league nine times since 2009. It can be seen that the cornerstone for long-term re-election has been completed. Here, there is a drastic change in the foreign player lineup. With Jun Amano joining, Barrow left the team and Gustavo is also likely to move. Not only is the age group lowering, but the face of foreign players also changes significantly.

Through this winter transfer market, manager Kim has secured the resources for the dynamic and aggressive football he wants. From now on, the task is to equip them with complete organization and performance. Since there is no place to retreat anymore, you must arm yourself with Jeonbuk’s unique firmness to recapture the title.

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