‘Still’ Kim Gwang-hyun? ‘Still’ the pride of being Kim Kwang-hyun

 SSG Landers Kim Gwang-hyun is the most experienced pitcher among the national pitchers of the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will be held on the 3rd. Kim Gwang-hyun, who wore the Taegeuk mark at the age of 20 and was in his second year as a pro at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, wears the national team uniform even this year at the age of 34 after 14 years have passed.

A Japanese media introduced the roster of the Korean national team for this tournament and said, “I think there are many Japanese baseball fans who thought바카라사이트 that they still exist.” He also expressed that he is like an ‘uncle’.

However, Kim Gwang-hyun positively accepts the evaluation of ‘still Kim Kwang-hyun’. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I was proud of myself when I heard the word ‘Kim Gwang-hyun’. I thought that I had a competitive edge among these young and outstanding juniors, and I was very proud of myself.”

So, the evaluation that the national team has ‘stagnated’ is disappointing. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “Every time I hear that Korean baseball is still in place, I actually feel a bit sad.” “he added.

The youngest member of the WBC national team pitching group is Eui-ri Lee (KIA), with a 14-year age difference from Kwang-Hyun Kim. In addition to Lee Eui-ri, So Joon So (KT, born in 2001), Kim Yun-shik (LG, born in 2000), 

To these players, who were children when Kim Gwang-hyun went to the Beijing Olympics, Kim Gwang-hyun has no choice but to be a ‘great senior’. Kim Gwang-hyun laughed, saying, “I want to do this for the MZ generation. I don’t know if I should volunteer to become a kkondae or go to MZ together. I’m still thinking about it.”

He soon said, “But when I went to the national team, I always trained in a fun atmosphere. Even when I was young, I remember that seniors like Lee Seung-yeop, Kim Dong-ju, Jin Gap-yong, and Park Jin-man adjusted to their juniors. I will help you a lot and I will do my best.”

He also delivered a message to his younger players. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I think that all the players will know it well even if they don’t talk about it because they are wearing the Taegeuk mark. It is a very honorable place to stand on the mound and enter the plate with the Taegeuk mark.”

He continued, “I skipped the word ‘work hard’ and thought I should do well. I think it will definitely be a good experience. There are many players who became the national team for the first time, and I am personally looking forward to it. I think the players will do well.” told

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