Son Jun-ho’s aide “I was investigated by the Chinese public security for bribery charges, not match-fixing”

Contrary to Chinese media reports, national soccer player Son Jun-ho (Shandong Taishan) is under investigation by the public security for bribery charges, not match-fixing, according to his aide.

Son Jun-ho’s agent, Mr. A, said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 15th, “According to what the Korean consul in China has identified, Son Jun-ho is being investigated for bribery charges, not match-fixing.”

“The consul is scheduled to visit Son Jun-ho on the morning of the 16th, and I think it will be possible to figure out exactly what kind of charges Son Jun-ho is under investigation.”

Mr. A also said, “I didn’t know what exactly Son Jun-ho was being investigated for, but I heard directly from the consul today (the bribery charge).”

Regarding the bribery charges, Mr. A said, “Son Jun-ho came to Shandong Taishan with good treatment in recognition of his skills, and he signed a 4-year extension contract with good results. There is no reason for Son Jun-ho to bribe the coach or other high-ranking officials of the club. There is none,” he said.

Son Jun-ho moved to Shandong in 2021 and contributed to the ‘double’ of winning the Super League and the CFA Cup of the Chinese Football Association that year. Last year he won the CFA Cup.

Son Jun-ho
(Seoul = Yonhap News) Correspondent Hong Hae-in = An evaluation match between Korea and Uruguay held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.
In the second half of the second half, Korea’s Son Jun-ho is feeling sorry for his shot. 2023.3.28

Previously, Chinese media reported that it is highly likely that Shandong Taishan players, including Son Jun-ho, are being investigated for match-fixing charges by their team coach Hao Wei.

It is known that Han Chinese agent B, who was involved in Son Jun-ho’s transfer to China, is also under arrest by the public security.

Mr. A, a Korean, said, “I couldn’t figure out what charges the other players and Mr. B, except for Son Jun-ho, were under investigation.” told

Son Jun-ho, born in 1992, graduated from Pocheol Technical High School and Yeungnam University. He joined Pohang Steelers in 2014 and started his professional career.토토사이트

He played as a member of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games gold medal, moved to Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2018, and joined Shandong in 2021.

Son Jun-ho was recognized as a special midfielder, such as being selected as the 2020 K League 1 MVP in Jeonbuk, and played 20 A-matches, including participating in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year.

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