‘SNS gossip’ controversy Hanwha Kim Seo-hyun… Disciplinary penalty for exclusion from training

Seohyun Kim, a rookie pitcher from Hanwha Professional Baseball, has been at the center of controversy by posting a post on social media that is gossip about coaches and fans.

The club has excluded Kim Seo-hyun from training for three days and will also impose a fine.

This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


<Seohyun Kim / Hanhwa (29th of last month)> “Since I am still a rookie, I will work harder than now to become the most prominent player on the team.”

At the end of last month, Kim Seo-hyun, a special rookie of Hanwha, departed for a spring camp in Arizona, USA, and started to build her last body.

However, after안전놀이터 less than a week of participating in team training, he found himself confined to the dorm.

This is because it was revealed that Kim Seo-hyun had gossiped about his coaches and fans on his SNS private account last month, mixing radical expressions.

This fact was known belatedly, and when the club started to check the facts, Kim Seo-hyun admitted that he had written it.

The Hanwha Eagles explained, “From the 7th of our time, we decided to exclude Kim Seo-hyun from training for 3 days, excluding one day of team rest.”

He added, “According to the club’s bylaws, fines will be imposed sooner or later.”

“He wants to tell me that no player is greater than the team,” coach Carlos Subero said.

Kim Seo-hyun, who wore a Hanwha uniform as the first overall pick in last year’s rookie draft, drew attention as a special rookie who threw a fast ball with a maximum speed of over 160 km/h.

His down payment of 500 million won is the third largest ever for a rookie in the club.

While being disciplined for unsavory things before the start of the season, Kim Seo-hyun as an individual, as well as aiming to ‘escape from the bottom’, poured cold water on the atmosphere of the club, which was in the midst of tempering.

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