‘Shock’ Pavar leaked information inside the locker room during the tournament…”Serious problem”

 Reporter Kwak Himchan = Benjamin Pavard is falling endlessly. He even leaked information inside the locker room, drawing criticism from his teammates and staff.

German media ‘Bavarian Football’ reported on the 20th (Korean time) that, according to French journalist and renowned soccer official Roman Molina, Bayern Munich’s star Pavard was a serious problem for France in this World Cup. 스포츠토토

” He showed a good performance by reaching the finals of the tournament, but Pavard did not help France to the finals at all. It is completely different from the last tournament when he led France to the championship with a wonderful shot

. Previously, the French press ‘L’Equipe’ reported that certain French players were expressing dissatisfaction with Pavard’s performance, and coach Didier Deschamps was known to be very outraged at Pavard’s failure to follow instructions.

This is not the end . Pavard, who was not trusted by his teammates, even leaked information inside the locker room.”Bavarian Football” said, “Pavard, who created a rough atmosphere in the locker room, argued with Deschamps and the coaching staff and even leaked information inside the locker room to the media.” Pavard is rapidly declining, including being arrested for drunk driving in Munich, his