“‘Sexual assault’ Bauer released, a very excellent decision” Dodgers CEO Dangdang

The Los Angeles Dodgers, who released pitcher Trevor Bauer (32) after being accused of sexual assault, opened their mouth after a month.

ESPN’s American version reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that “Stan Carsten, the Dodgers’ CEO, defended Bauer’s release as ‘it was the right decision’.”

On this day, the Dodgers held a press 안전놀이터 conference attended by CEO Carsten, President Andrew Friedman, and general manager Brandon Gomes. There was also a story about Bauer here.

Bauer, the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner, signed a three-year, $120 million (approximately 146.5 billion won) contract with the Dodgers ahead of the 2021 season. He was expected to achieve a one-two punch with ace Clayton Kershaw, and in fact, in 17 games in 2021, he achieved good results with an average ERA of 2.59 with 8 wins and 5 losses.

However, at the end of June of that year, he was accused of assaulting a woman with whom he was in a relationship. He himself denied it, but the MLB secretariat immediately gave Bauer an administrative leave and started an investigation. In February of last year, the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed both charges of violence, saying, “There is not enough evidence to be convinced that a crime was committed,” but more women claimed damage.

In the end, the Major League (MLB) secretariat issued a 324 game suspension to Bauer in April of last year. Afterwards, after an appeal, it was alleviated with a suspension of 194 games on the 23rd of last month. However, the Dodgers ended the relationship by sending Bauer off the 40-man roster.

“The club’s leadership told me, ‘I want you to come back and pitch this year,'” Bauer said. Regarding this, CEO Carsten said, “I will not verify the truth about the private conversation,” but “I think it is the right thing to do.” “I support the team’s decision,” he said.

“After reviewing all aspects of the case by Major League Baseball’s office and arbitrators, Bauer violated the rules and was suspended from play,” Friedman said. At the same time, he revealed the justification for the release, saying, “That is enough.”

Meanwhile, by letting Bauer go, the Dodgers will be responsible for 22.5 million dollars (about 27.5 billion won) out of his annual salary of 32 million dollars (about 39 billion won) this year.

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