Samsung Life, who started off-season training, emphasized the ‘basic skill’ by coach Lim Geun-bae.

“There are a lot of young players, so we have to start with the basics.”

Samsung Life has carried out a ‘rebuilding’ over the past few years. Immediately after winning the championship match, he traded Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) to secure his future. As a result, young players such as Lee Hae-ran (180cm, F) and Kang Yoo-rim (175cm, F) joined the team.

And the rebuilding of Samsung Life Insurance last season seemed to have taken a point. The reason is that they recruited Kiana Smith (178cm, G), who was the biggest player in the draft. In fact, Samsung Life showed a strong appearance by catching the ‘strongest’ Asan Woori Bank at the beginning of the season. 4 wins and 1 loss in round 1. After that, in the second round, it was sluggish for a while, but in the third round, it rebounded again with a record of 4 wins and 1 loss.

But the problem was after that. During the match against Woori Bank in the 4th round, Juyeon Lee (171cm, G) and Kiana were both season-out. Although they succeeded in advancing to the playoffs, it is Samsung Life that was very sorry for the injuries of key players.

Samsung Life, who took a break after the season, started full-scale off-season training from the 15th. In an interview with this magazine, Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae said, “I went into off-season training. This time, I’m trying harder to build my body. The players are also working hard. I just started training and now I am building my body through weights and core exercises. I am concentrating on individual training while also doing skill training,” he said about the team training situation.

He continued, “From June 12th to 22nd, we will go to Taebaek for field training. After making sure to build a body there, I will go into ball training in earnest.”

When asked about the physical condition of the players, coach Lim said, “There is nothing special. Except for a few players, they are participating in sports. The players have had a break, but even taking that into account, their physical condition is fine. But it’s about 80% more than I thought. (Laughter) It would be nice if it was better, but I understand that it is a break.”메이저놀이터

Samsung Life Insurance has a veteran named Bae Hye-yoon (182cm, C), but the rest of the players are young. That’s why director Lim said, “This year, I’m trying to lay the groundwork more than anything special. That part is really important in karate. I will teach the players step by step on defense. At the same time, I will use a lot of motion offense in attack. There are still many young players, so we have to start from the basics.”

When asked about the physical condition of the injured players, coach Lim said, “(Yoon) Yebin joined. But it’s still not normal. All training is not digested and only partially digested. Kiana is now in America. In July, she will join the team. The two players can definitely play in the season opener,” said Yoon Ye-bin (180cm, G) and Kiana’s physical condition.

And, “(Lee) Joo-yeon just started jogging. We will have to see the situation, but it seems possible at the opening. However, all three players should not overdo it. The interview ended with the words, “We need to manage it more delicately.”

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