Round of 32 of 4 Champions. We Marz, -Mingoo Kang, Jaeho Jo -Jongju Lee, Refence -Wonjun Choi, Mamincalm -Bongcheol Kim -Wellbang PBA Championship

So their ‘2023 Wellbang PBA Championship’ round of 32 opponent is relatively easy.

There is no former champion in Group A.

At the expected Kudron- Kashido Costas spot, the two protagonists of the blue, Kim Hyun-seok and Jung Hae-chang, who defeated them, fight, and face Kim Im-kwon and Lee Sang-dae, Jung Kwang-pil and Shin Ki-woong .

In Group B, Reppens is the only champion. He fights Choi Won-jun. If they win, they will compete against the winner Lim Seong-gyun and Lim Tae-soo to the quarterfinals.

Lee Gook-seong, who defeated Martinez, will compete with Andres Karion, and Young-gun Lim Sung-kyun, who defeated Palazon 3-0, with Lim Tae-su, who will advance to the round of 16.

Cho Jae-ho and Maminkam are in Group C. At the latest, they will collide in the quarterfinals. Jo Jae-ho will team up with Lee Jong-joo, and Mamin Calm with Kim Bong-cheol. 안전놀이터

They are veterans with a knife. can’t let go Jo Jae-ho and Mamin-kam must win and win one more to become No. 1 in Group C.

Wimaz is in Group D. He is the strongest among the opponents in the round of 32 . Kang Min-goo, a regular runner-up, shot again. Yumaz also showed very good form in the match against Quoc Nguyen.

Koh Sang-woon, who defeated Kim Jae- geun, fights Park Joo-seon, who captured Um Sang-pil, and Park In-su, who defeated Zapata, competes with Jeon In-hyuk, and Choi Jun-ho competes with Japanese Mori Yusuke .

It was before the round of 32 with a very different look, with the strong players disappearing en masse. It’s an easy matchup for the remaining champions, but if you watch it like that, your nose will get hurt.

It’s just not well known. Everyone has a secret weapon inside. It is unknown who will be the scapegoat in the round of 32.

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