Ronaldo delayed before his debut… ‘Today in the VIP seat’

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The top play begins with the story of Ronaldo watching his first game after moving to Saudi Arabia from the VIP seat instead of the ground.

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When Ronaldo waved his hand from the VIP seats, the crowd in the home stadium cheered in unison.

Ronaldo is still ineligible to play due to the ban he received during his time at Manchester United.

Al Nasr took the lead with a header from Brazilian striker Talisca.

The second goal was great.

Ospina’s goalkeeper’s kick was connected to the front at once, and Taliska completed a multi-goal.

Ronaldo watched this scene seriously in the clubhouse and promised the following.


This time, it’s Manchester United’s FA Cup without Ronaldo.

Rashford, who shows off his peak performance these days. 안전놀이터

After knocking down the side and stabbing it, Anthony finishes it with a sliding.

It was disappointing to concede the equalizer as goalkeeper De Gea slipped the ball between his legs.

Rashford gives his team the lead again with a confident play that leads to an own goal.

Rashford, who performed a one-man show until the penalty kick right before the end, was named MVP of the match by ESPN, and De Gea was chosen as the worst player.

He has been a top play so far.