Returning to the traded team as a free agent, if Hanwha doesn’t have two loyal men… Just thinking about it makes me dizzy

Infielder Oh Seon-jin (34) and pitcher Lee Tae-yang (33), who were re-recruited as free agents by Hanhwa last winter, are firmly supporting the team with performances like Altoran.

As of the 17th, Oh Seon-jin recorded a batting average of 2.3 (17 hits in 74 at-bats), 7 RBIs, 9 walks and an on-base percentage of 3.2 2 in 29 games this season. Although he was sluggish in April, he is strong against chasing with a batting average of 30% in scoring position. Since May, when he established himself as the main shortstop, he has been batting hard with a batting average of 3.5 3 (12 hits in 34 at-bats), 2 RBIs, 6 walks, an on-base percentage of 4.6 3, and an OPS of .904 in 11 games.

Until mid-April, Hanwha gave Park Jeong-hyeon, a young man in his fourth year, many chances to become a starting shortstop. When Park Jung-hyun’s growth fell short of expectations, an opportunity came to Oh Seon-jin, and he led the team’s rebound by showing the true value of a veteran in karate and defense. Former coach Carlos Subero also said, “He is a veteran player who can calm the uneasy situation when young players are shaken. He is doing well in Gongsuju,” he praised Oh Seonjin.

Shortstop 25 games (17 starts) 163⅔ innings, 3rd baseman 4 games (2 starts) 22 innings, second baseman 3 games (2 starts) 15 innings, 200⅔ innings at 3 positions without an error. Even if he is not flashy, he plays a stable defense that is faithful to the basics.

He is also very good at handling unexpected situations. On the 16th, in the 9th inning against Daejeon Lotte, with 2 outs and bases loaded, Han Dong-hee hit the pitcher’s glove and caught the ball that bounced and refracted backhand with a short bound, then caught the out with a running throw. Earlier, on the 9th against Daejeon Samsung, in the 3rd inning with 1 out, 1st and 2nd base, third baseman Roh Si-hwan of Kim Tae-goon hit the body and caught a ball that bounced and connected it with a 6-4-3 double stroke.

[OSEN=Daejeon, Correspondent Choi Kyu-Han] On the afternoon of the 16th, a match between Hanwha Eagles and Lotte Giants was held in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park in Daejeon. The batter runner is out on the throw of . Park Sang-won exchanges greetings with Oh Seon-jin. 2023.05.16 /

On the mound, Lee Taeyang’s presence is reassuring. He pitched 18 innings in 13 games, including one start this season, with 2 holds, an earned run average of 2.00 and 13 strikeouts. The first six games of his season were not good with an earned run average of 4.91, but after that, he found stability with a scoreless streak of 7 games and 10⅔ innings. Former coach Subero also highly praised Taeyang Lee’s aggressive and efficient pitching, saying, “He throws his pitches in the right place without wasting balls.”

When there is an unexpected situation on the pitching staff, Lee Tae-yang is called. Lee Tae-yang, who received an emergency call from the opening game when Birch Smith was knocked out after 2⅔ innings due to shoulder pain, started the bullpen day as a substitute starter on the 23rd of last month when Daejeon LG Jeon Dong-ju Moon skipped the rotation to manage his condition.

Lee Taeyang will also start against LG in Jamsil on the 20th. Kim Min-woo was hit on the right elbow in the Munhak SSG match on the 14th and needs to recover for the time being. Lee Tae-yang fills the gap left by Kim Min-woo. Various variables arise during a long season, but the presence of Lee Tae-yang, who has experience in both selection and relief, is a strong insurance for the Hanwha mound.먹튀검증

Both players debuted at Hanwha but left the team due to trades. Lee Tae-yang, who joined in 2010, was traded to SK (now SSG) in June 2020, and Oh Seon-jin, who had played since 2008, was traded to Samsung in June 2021. Both of them left with tears in their eyes at how much they fell in love with the team.

However, they made a comeback to Hanwha last winter as free agents and returned home in gold. Oh Seon-jin put off negotiations with the original team while waiting for Hanwha’s offer, and Lee Tae-yang also rejected the team that offered more money. If it weren’t for the two loyal men who neatly filled the void, Hanwha’s season might have already ended.

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