Reorganization of the Football Association Board of Directors… Kim Jung-bae, former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as full-time vice chairman

The Korea Football Association, which caused public outrage with the ‘surprise’ amnesty and withdrawal of soccer players who were disciplined for reasons such as match-fixing, abolished the executive position and introduced a full-time vice-president system. came up with

Chung Mong-gyu, chairman of the Korea Football Association, held a press conference at the Seoul Sinmun-ro Soccer Center on the 2nd and announced new board members.

Chairman Chung announced that he hired Kim Jeong-bae (57), former second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as full-time vice chairman.

On March 28, ahead of the national team evaluation match between Korea and Uruguay, the Korea Football Association held a board meeting in the conference room of the Seoul World Cup Stadium and decided to pardon 100 former and current players, coaches, and referees who were disciplined for various misconduct.

However, 48 of the 50 players who were expelled for participating in match-fixing in professional football in 2011 were also included in the pardon, causing strong headwinds both inside and outside the football world.

Then, with the withdrawal of the amnesty, the Football Association fell into an ‘administrative vacuum’ as all vice-presidents and directors resigned with responsibility except for Chairman Mong-gyu Chung on the 4th of last month.

The Football Association started reorganizing the board of directors and selected figures who would lead the Football Association’s internal and external activities until January 2025, when Chairman Chung’s term ends.

The most notable thing about the composition of the board of directors this time is the abolition of the executive position and the introduction of the full-time vice chairman system.

In the meantime, the Korea Football Association has appointed a player from the national team as an executive director and has been entrusted with the role of a bridge between soccer players and the association’s administration.

However, there were concerns that the position of executive director could turn into a complaint window like this ‘amnesty’.안전놀이터

As a result, the Football Association eliminated the executive position, and after seeking outside experts who were from non-athletes and were well versed in the sports world, former Vice Minister Kim Jeong-bae, who served as the head of the International Sports Department and the 2nd Vice Minister in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and was good at sports administration, was hired as a full-time vice president.

The Football Association is also planning to revamp its organizational system centered on a full-time vice president.

In particular, according to the evaluation that the public relations function has been weakened, the Football Association plans to strengthen the public relations organization by recruiting public relations experts from outside.

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