“Rejected the 49 billion offer, renegotiated today” Conte, life and death in the last game

The final negotiations have begun.

Manager Antonio Conte singled out Pedro Poro, the right wingback of Sporting CP, as the first signing in the winter transfer market. However, negotiations with Sporting were not easy.

Sporting hit a wall while arguing that they could not concede a single penny from the POW buyout clause amount of 39.7 million pounds (approximately 60.4 billion won). Tottenham enter final negotiations with Sporting. 바카라사이트

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 25th (local time) that ‘Tottenham wants to finalize the contract with Sporting today’ and that ‘the offer of 32.5 million pounds (about 49.4 billion won) has been rejected so far, but over the proposed amendment Negotiations resume today.”

Tottenham plans to persuade Sporting by paying a bonus instead of lowering the basic transfer fee to 30 million pounds (approximately 45.6 billion won). We are also considering how to add players.

Coach Conte is putting his life and death on reinforcing the right wingback. Emerson Royale and Matt Doherty have their ups and downs. In the case of holding a prisoner in his arms, he plans to put one of them on the market. Jed Spence, who was recruited by the club in the summer transfer market this season, is evaluated as insufficient.

Poro has already been tested by Conte. Tottenham met Sporting in the European Champions League group stage this season. He directly checked the skills of prisoners and acknowledged the possibility.

The 23-year-old Porro is from Spain. After playing for Girona, he moved to Manchester City in 2019 and came into the spotlight. However, he did not play in a single game and went on loan to Sporting this season.

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