“Reexamination of the new coach of the Korean national team from a blank slate”

” Eye level has risen. In 2018, the current Malaysian national team coach Kim Pan-gon, who was the chairman of the national team’s power reinforcement committee, appointed Paulo Bento as coach under a clear philosophy of ‘active football’. to be. Just after the tournament, Chairman Lee Yong-soo resigned, and on the 4th, Michael Müller was appointed as the new chairman with full powers in appointing the national team coach. He is a German-born person who was recruited as a leader and instructor of the Korea Football Association in 2018 and has been steadily building a relationship with Korea. This is the first time that a foreigner has been appointed to the position responsible for fostering and managing the national team. With the interest of the fans growing, Chairman Muller held his first press conference after taking office at the Seoul Sinmunro Soccer Hall on the 11th.

Of course, the most interesting thing is who will be chosen as the next coach of the national team. Regarding this, Chairman Müller said, “We are starting from a blank slate again, leaving all directions open and reviewing.” After the World Cup, former chairman Lee made a list of candidates for the next coach, and fans protested when reports came out that most of them were domestic personnel. Regarding this, Chairman Müller acknowledged, “Thankfully, I received the list from the previous committee,” but explained that in the current situation, the entire selection process had been restarted from scratch. 안전놀이터

His background as a German is also intriguing. There are speculations that a German or a person with deep ties to Germany could be selected as the next director. In response, Chairman Müller strongly shook his hand. He said, “I am German,” and “this means that I will select a new coach stably according to principles. He added, “The guidelines for appointing a new coach will take into consideration many things, such as expertise, experience, motivation, ability to create teamwork, and environmental factors surrounding Korean soccer.” However, he said, “The next coach will be appointed as a person who is connected to the philosophy of the Football Association,” and he mentioned that he would continue the philosophy of Korean football that has been in place for the past four years.

After Bento’s resignation was revealed, some national team players said through various media that “I hope the opinions of the players will be reflected in the appointment of the next coach.” Regarding this, he said, “My role is a coordinator and communicator who oversees the national team,” and promised, “I will communicate not only with the Football Association staff but also with the players.” However, he said, “Unfortunately, communication will not reach the public,” and asked fans to wait with faith.The National Team Strengthening Committee plays a role in leading the overall development of the soccer world after the appointment of a coach. He said, “During the Qatar World Cup, I watched the game as a member of the International Football Federation’s technical research group. There were no strong teams or weak teams anymore.” Of course, for this, it is also important to strengthen the internal stability of the soccer world. He said, “For the past four and a half years, the Football Association has led changes in leader coaching and youth education.” I will serve as a window so that front-line leaders and teams can communicate smoothly,” he said, confident that he will lead changes not only in the national team but also in the soccer world as a whole.

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