Real acid was good… Arsenal preparing for a ‘surprise loan’

It is news that Arsenal is preparing for a surprise loan for Eduardo Camavinga.

Arsenal are currently in first place in the English Premier League (EPL). At the beginning of the season, many predicted that Arsenal’s upward trend would not last for long, but Arsenal broke expectations and ran at the top of the league until the league turned around. Arsenal, who recently won the north London derby against arch-rivals Tottenham Hotspur, are looking to bolster the mood with an upcoming victory over Manchester United. Arsenal is full of will to challenge the league championship in 19 years. 바카라사이트

Arsenal’s will to win can also be seen in the winter transfer market. Arsenal tried to strengthen their side by signing Mikhailo Mudrik, but after being hijacked by Chelsea, they immediately turned to Leandro Trosar. Arsenal, which embraces Trosar, is known to be ahead of signing Jakub Kibior, a defender from the Polish national team. If Kibior joins the team, Arsenal will succeed in strengthening both offense and defence.

Here, we are aiming to strengthen the midfield. British ‘Evening Standard’ said, “Arsenal are interested in bringing Camavinga, who is playing for Real Madrid, on a surprise loan. “We understand that Arsenal are interested in bringing Camavinga on loan to make the team stronger for the rest of the season.”

Camavinga is a talent that Real Madrid cherish. Camavinga, who started playing for Real last season after leaving Stade Rennes, is evaluated as a player who will succeed the ‘Kcamo line’ that leads to Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Casemiro. However, following last season, this season, when he often came out as a substitute rather than a starter, the story began to come out that Camavinga was dissatisfied with the playing time. It is expected that Camabinga, who is trying to secure his playing time, will not be reluctant to rent.

His feasibility is not considered high. The media said, “It is unclear whether Real will send a loan, but Camavinga is struggling this season.” If Arsenal succeed in signing Camavinga on loan, he will become the third player to be brought on loan from Real Madrid, after Dani Ceballos and Martin Odegaard.

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