‘Pulp’ in front of the largest audience… On the verge of winning the regular league

Women’s volleyball Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated Ginseng Corporation in front of the largest number of spectators this season and left only one point in winning the regular league.

Kim Yeon-kyung flew from the match. 토토사이트

This season, in front of 6,000 home fans, the largest number of male and female divisions, Kim Yeon-kyung showed off the face of a solver.

In the 2nd set, 27 vs 27, which was the winning point, I put in a powerful time delay attack that threw her off balance and clenched her fists.

Then, I blocked the spikes of the opponent’s main gun Elisabeth to take the 2nd set.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who warmed up the stadium atmosphere with a hot roar, and a lucky serve ace that fell after hitting the net in the third set, and a powerful spike led to a 3-0 victory.

Heungkuk Life Insurance widens the gap with second place Hyundai E&C to 6 points, and if only 1 point is added in the remaining 2 games, the regular league championship is confirmed.

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