Professional Billiard Kang Min-goo’s ‘Roar of Tears’… Players are seen at the championship ceremony

“After winning, I got goosebumps. “The victory achieved by that earnestness was thrilling. And it erupted through the ceremony.

The roaring scene of Kang Min-goo (Blue One Resort), who was given the last runner-up ticket, reached the top of the Wellbang Championship, the 7th tour of the PBA for professional billiards on the 24th.

Kang Min-goo overcame the pursuit of Dinh Nai (SK Rent-A-Car), a Vietnamese express cog, and won his first professional championship in 4 matches and 5 matches. He, who had reached the final four times in the early days of his professional start and then collapsed, finally reached the top on this day after an incisive referee. When the victory was confirmed with the last goal, the extreme joy exploded into an intense ceremony without knowing it.

He said, “I couldn’t tolerate myself well because I couldn’t perform well for the past two years. He explained the background of the intense ceremony, saying, “I felt thrilled immediately after winning.

In fact, he added ranking points to the prize money of 100 million won and escaped from the poor prize money and player rankings of the last two years. The 8th tour next month and the round of 32 players of the season are in the range of the World Championship, the stage of the King of Kings. 바카라사이트

In professional billiards with a family atmosphere, there is also a championship ceremony that reveals the affection of a married couple. Lim Jung-suk (Crown Haetae), who won the trophy after defeating Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank) on the LPBA stage of the Women’s Well-Bang Champion, exhilarated the joy of her champion with her husband Lee Jong-joo, a professional athlete, with a thrilling kiss. Divided.

Lim Jung-suk, who tied the women’s division with the most wins with Kim Ga-yeong (Hana Card) with 5 wins in her career, learned from her bank shot and her husband Lee Jong-joo, who had her main specialty, was a great strength. The women’s game is based on an 11-point system, so the bank shot technique to get 2 points at once becomes a powerful weapon. Lim Jeong-suk said, “I hone my bank shot skills in the billiard room. Seeing her husband in training helps her a lot,” she said.

Mamin Calm (NH Nonghyup Card) from Vietnam, who won the High1 Resort boat for the 5th round of the tour at the end of last year, was also thrilled by hugging his wife warmly. Ma Min-kam, who won the PBA stage for the first time and collected 100 million won in prize money, even directed a homely appearance, saying, “His son and father did it.” Absolute strongman Frederic Coudron (Welcome Savings Bank) also blows ‘finger hearts’ to his wife every time he wins a match, and always stands on stage with his wife at the moment of victory.

Eddie Reppens (SK Rent-A-Car), who won the Huons Championship last season, jumped to the table at the moment of winning despite his tall stature, which shows one side of his outgoing personality. Fans were also surprised by his agility and agility despite his tall stature. Kim Ga-young, who won the NH Card Cup earlier this year, shed tears thinking about her deceased grandmother.PBA Secretary-General Kim Young-jin said, “The championship ceremony contains the joys and sorrows of the players, such as earnestness, joy, and sadness. Proactive celebrations by professional billiards players who show their emotions are behaviors worthy of a professional. Ceremony is another attraction that is deeply moving the fans.”

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