‘Poor self-supporting club’ Kiwoom Heroes’ sadness… Asking ‘Why Existence’

It seems like a new wave, but it is ‘these footsteps that have no destination’. It’s a pity and a pity. If you watch Kiwoom Heroes, which is at the bottom of the league, you feel that way. The director of the Kiwoom team is as if he is carrying the ‘fate of Sisyphus’ and is being punished.스포츠토토

On July 29, when the season was in full swing, Kiwoom handed over the 10-win pitcher (Choi Won-tae), the main pillar of the team mound, to the ‘prominent LG Twins’ and chose ‘an uncertain future’. Outwardly, it was a ‘transaction’ with nothing strange at all. Although it has not yet been verified properly, it has secured resources (22-year-old infielder Lee Joo-hyung + 19-year-old freshman pitcher Kim Dong-gyu) to envision the future, and also received a nomination for the first round of the 2024 rookie draft.

Ko Hyeong-wook, general manager of Kiwoom, said in a press release on the occasion of the trade, “Our club prepared to strengthen its own power to conquer the top after the 2022 season, but it did not meet expectations. In the middle of the season, I decided to make this trade after looking for a little more coolness and seriously thinking about strengthening the weak parts of the club’s current power and strengthening the future power.”

If you put it together, it means that farming has stopped this year. The injury of Lee Jung-hoo, the key hitter, may have had an impact, but giving up the season early will inevitably have a negative impact on the league’s box office.

An official from another club pointed out the ‘deepening power imbalance between teams’ about Kiwoom’s trade. This means that if Kiwoom, who is at the bottom by 23 games behind No. 1 LG, leaves the season like this, the density and interest of the game will naturally drop.

Kiwoom, who was sick with anxiety, put forward Kim Dong-gyu, who had transferred to Jamsil LG on August 13, as a starter to gain experience and as a test, but was beaten with 5 earned runs in 2 innings. In this game, Kiwoom lost 8-17 after allowing as many as five stolen bases, including a home steal, in a messy game where even the main catcher Lee Ji-young was absent due to symptoms of phlegm. Regardless of the win or loss, this game throws a gloomy prospect that the team will have to go through another process of rebuilding a team that has gone through a lot in the future. There is a long and rough road ahead to bring back the sticky team colors of last year. If we drive the team like this, we will be helpless even if ‘Grandpa Jegal-ryang’ comes.

In fact, it doesn’t really mean much to weigh the gains and losses of trade right away. However, it will not be easy for those around you to readily understand this kind of trade that suddenly drains the power of the field and messes up the power. I don’t want to dispute the management policy of the Kiwoom club, but it is clear that it was an unconventional trade that cannot be considered a common sense judgment.

General manager Ko Hyeong-wook said, “I want to thank Choi Won-tae for doing his best for the team over the past eight years. I hope that the new team will continue to perform well,” the comment at the end of the trade press release was too mournful to be dismissed as a blessing.

Since its foundation in 2008, Kiwoom Heroes has been through a lot of ups and downs over the existence of the team as a ‘self-supporting club’ due to disputes over management rights and back-money trades, and has managed to overcome obstacles and waves to reach today. During the quarter-century dotted with the whirlpool of ‘struggle’, Kiwoom made it to the Korean Series three times (2014, 2019, 2022), but in the end it fell one step short of winning the championship. Latecomers NC Dinos (2020) and KT Wiz (2021) also stood at the top once each, but Kiwoom, which was a’dried persimmon subtraction ceremony’, is the only one among the 10 existing clubs that has no championship experience.

At best, if you are satisfied with the role of the ‘player supply chain’, which is to raise players hard and do only good things for others (?), then there is no future for that club.

I want to ask again. What is the ‘reason for existence’ of Kiwoom Heroes?

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