‘Papa Park’ Park Hang-seo, Geumui Hwan-hyang “I’m still good enough for 2-3 years of active duty”

‘Papa Park’ Park Hang-seo (66), the former head coach of the Vietnam national soccer team, made a golden return.

At a press conference held at Incheon International Airport on the 14th, coach Park said, “I did my best while leading Vietnamese football while feeling responsible. It seems that the Vietnamese people also recognized this effort. The encouragement from soccer fans in both Korea and Vietnam has been a great source of strength.”

Coach Park ended his beautiful partnership with the Vietnam Football Association last month, which lasted for 5 years and 4 months. In October 2017, he took charge of both the Vietnam national football team and the U-23 national team, and during his tenure, Vietnam football became one of the best in Southeast Asia.

He stepped down last month after making achievements that will remain in the history of Vietnamese football, such as winning two consecutive men’s soccer championships in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games, advancing to the Asian final qualifiers for the World 안전놀이터Cup in Qatar, and advancing to the semifinals of the Asian Games. His career record in A matches is 26 wins, 12 draws and 14 losses in 52 matches.

Director Park said, “I have no intention of taking on the managerial position in Vietnam or Korea, but I think I can continue (active life) for about 2-3 years physically.” said. He also added, “I want to continue my relationship with Vietnamese football by contributing to the development of youth.”

Coach Park, who earned the nickname ‘Papa Park’ by leading the players with warm fatherly leadership during his tenure, continues to receive unchanging support from the Vietnamese people even after stepping down as manager. Hundreds of soccer fans gathered to say goodbye to coach Park at the farewell fan meeting held in Hanoi, Vietnam on the 2nd. On the 8th, the Vietnamese government invited coach Park and head coach Lee Young-jin and other coaching staff to present them with commendations and plaques, consoling them for their hard work.

Director Park said, “I received a free flight ticket from Vietnam Airlines as a gift for life.” We take it as a request to maintain a link with Vietnam.” Director Park plans to return to Vietnam on the 16th after digesting his schedule in Korea.

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