Padreep’s denial, Vaena hit by Valverde: “Rumors of insulting children are false”

Villarreal midfielder Alex Baena has denied rumors that he insulted Federico Valverde’s (Real Madrid) child.

Baena and Valverde faced each other through round 28 of the 2022-23 Spanish Primera Liga at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid on the 9th (Korean time). After Valverde came on as a substitute in the second half, the two engaged in a battle of nerves throughout the game.

Eventually the incident happened. After the game, Valverde waited for Baena near the team’s bus in the parking lot and punched him. Both Valverde and the local police admitted to the assault. Villarreal also expressed considerable concern over Valverde’s behavior.

According to various sources, there is Baena’s derogatory comments against the backdrop of Valverde’s anger. Valverde suffered a miscarriage of his child earlier this year. Fortunately, the danger was passed, but Baena is known to have touched Valverde’s most painful part.

Spain’s ‘As’ said, “When Baena played against Valverde through the Copa del Rey in January, he said, ‘Your child will not be born, so cry now.’ When I heard similar words again, I exploded,” he explained the reason for the crash. 메이저사이트

Assault is wrong, but the arrow was shot at me because I touched his family. As the matter grew, Baena also denied it. He explained through his personal account, “The part that I said was completely false.”

He then retweeted a post posted on social networks. The article shared by Baena said, “The Copa del Rey between Villarreal and Real Madrid was held on January 19th, but the official interview with Valverde’s wife mentioning the possibility of a miscarriage was on February 24th.” Baena claimed in a retweet that the information was unavailable at the time of allegedly insulting Valverde’s child.

However, ‘Marca’ refuted that there is a good chance that Baeno will grasp the situation, saying, “The first social media post that suggested that Valverde was suffering from a risk of miscarriage was on January 15th.”

As Valverde and Baena’s arguments diverge, the battle for the truth behind the assault is expected to continue.

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