Only Klins finished his European business trip, “Kim Min-jae has stabilized”

Klinsman, the national football team coach, returned yesterday (26th) after going on a business trip to check on European players.

He said that it was a beneficial time meeting various players.

The current situation of Kim Min-jae, who complained of fatigue, was also conveyed.

This is Reporter Kwak Joon-young.


Coach Klinsmann of the national soccer team returned from a 12-day trip to Europe.

<Klinsmann / National Soccer Team Coach> “It was a very good experience. The coaches watched different games and watched the players, and it was a beneficial time to meet the club leaders.”

The biggest interest was also the meeting with Min-jae Kim of Naples, who complained of mental and physical fatigue after the last national team game.

Director Klinsman said that he had a meal with Kim Min-jae and talked a lot, and that he is currently in a stable condition.

<Klinsmann / National Soccer Team Manager> “Kim Min-jae explained his psychology. His mind and heart were in good shape, and he is looking forward to the next national team game.” 메이저사이트

He informed that he had a rapport with the situation of Tottenham, where he was a player, and the national team ace Son Heung-min, who is active as a member of the team.

<Klinsmann / National Soccer Team Coach> “I talked with Heung-Min Son before the game, and I was happy with his goal, but the team lost. “

On this business trip, coach Klinsmann expanded his range of activities by inspecting European players and also serving as an advisor to the European Football Federation.

<Klinsmann / National Soccer Team Manager> “I think it will be very helpful to share various opinions on soccer rules such as VAR. It is a great honor to serve as a UEFA advisory committee member.”

Coach Klinsman went straight to Jeonju after his return to Korea and started watching the K-League match between Jeonbuk and Daejeon, and this time, he started checking the domestic group.

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