Oh Jae-won, professional baseball commentator, criticized Park Chan-ho

Oh Jae-won (38), a commentator for Spotify, criticized Park Chan-ho (49), a commentator for the ‘Korean Express’, in an interview with a media outlet, causing controversy.안전놀이터

In an interview with Den Magazine, which was released on YouTube on the 11th, commissioner Oh Jae-won said, “I really hated the feast of irresponsible words (commentators) and the misunderstandings that piled up as a result.” He said, “Please include this information. I hate the Korean Express (Park Chan-ho) very much.”

He continued, “It seems that the whole nation does not know the heart and gratitude of the people who woke up at dawn and cheered.

The bad relationship between Commissioner Park Chan-ho and Commissioner Oh Jae-won dates back to 2014.

Commissioner Park relayed the 2014 Incheon Asian Games baseball match between Korea and Taiwan and when Oh Jae-won entered the plate, he said, “It was a player who had a hard time with me.” It was a hit,” he said.

Oh Jae-won expressed his displeasure through the media, and Commissioner Park Chan-ho apologized, saying, “He seems to have made his juniors difficult.”

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